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  1. sscamino

    LSA Supercharger W/ ZL1 Hat to hood clearance

    I'm thinking in changing from my Stroker 249 combo to a LSA Supercharged 6.0 with the ZL1 Camero Hat. Does anyone know if the ZL1 Hat on the LSA Blower will clear my cowl hood support frame ?
  2. sscamino

    My 1984 El Camino SST/Type

  3. sscamino

    Fast XFI 2.0

    My TPS went out of calibration and the cooling fan stayed on with the key on. As soon as I moved throttle a little bit the fan would go off and TPS went to 100. My tunes still show in the dashboard, I recalibrated the TPS and all is fine. I don't know why or how it changed. Any ideas?
  4. sscamino

    Ams-500 for sale or trade for stainles headers

    I have a brand NEW AMS 500- new still in the box for sale or trade for TA ss headers.
  5. sscamino

    Scan master 3

    Is the update to scan master 3 out that enables both computer and scan master 3 with FAST 2.0 both to be used at same time? Also is there any way I can monitor fuel pressure on scan master 3?
  6. sscamino

    Where is circuit 121 located under dash?

    Where is circuit 121 located under dash?
  7. sscamino

    Scan Master,PLogger,60s flowmatched,TT93-alky chip,LC1 WB

    Scan master2.1 with hood all wires looped not cut $125.00,Powerlogger with scanmaster upgrade to 2.2 $132.00,60s (Siemens, sometimes known as Mototron)flow matched $185.00,TT Wideband 6.0 for use with Powerlogger 93 alky chip $75.00,stock turbo elbow ported by Limit never used $50.00,Innovate...
  8. sscamino

    Balanced Rotating Assembly

    86 Turbo Buick Balanced Rotating Assembly,Weisco 30 over forged floating pistons,fresh crank 20-20and 10 on thrust bearings (still in bag and box from machine shop),reconditioned rods w/ARP ,flexplate,great condition under 1000 street miles,went to stroker $525.00 or trade for SS Headers...
  9. sscamino

    WTB 4in. cold air intake

    Wanted 4in. cold air intake without MAF
  10. sscamino

    Looking for a FAST or XFI

    Im looking for a FAST OR XFI system. I have alot of great parts , matched 65s inj. and TT 93 octane alky chip,brand new HD w/g accuator that came on my new 6766billit turbo still in box(went with ext W/G),compleat balanced bottom end very wery low miles fresh crank ,forged pistons floating rist...
  11. sscamino

    Stock seat belts retractors

    My seat belts retract 30% of the time. I dont have a roll bar in yet,and have to deal with this issue. Has anyone ever taken the retractor apart and cleaned them or put a stiffer spring in them? Any solutions or ideas?
  12. sscamino

    high flow fuel filter

    Im running a stroker motor with reds double pumpers and the stock ac fillter. I want to upgrade to 8an lines and filter with champion rails. How much fuel do the doubles pump volume and pressure wise? Most of the bilitt 8an filters only 75# max and 130gph with 40 microns in summit racing. Info...
  13. sscamino

    Front spring which end is up?

    I took and replaced BJs,UCA ,LCA Bushings,and the spings are both put in differant. Which is right and do they get clocked?
  14. sscamino

    Anyone have tork specs for front up & low control arms

    I just installed s-10 front brakes, replaced my ball joints ,and upper and lower control arm bushings with polys. Does anyone have the tork specs of the upper and lower nuts and bolts? Also if anyone has any tricks to keep them from squeaking after lube drys up I'd like to hear them. Thanks.
  15. sscamino

    Complete Balanced Rotating Assembly

    Complete balanced bottom end with very low miles excellent condition, Flexplate,Wiseco forged pistons 5040H3 30 over 3.830 bore pistons,stock length floating rods with ARP bolts,turbo crankshaft is 20 over on the rods 20 over on the mains and 10 over on the thrust bearing.Crank is still in box...
  16. sscamino

    Total Rebuilt Limit TE-67

    Totally Rebuilt Limit Engineering TE-67 Rebuilt by Limit .TE-67mm,.63 P.T.E.,P-Trim w/HD acuator. 725hp,3in-2out,not installed after rebuild. $600.00 plus shipping.
  17. sscamino

    New Rebuilt Limit Engineering TE-67

    New Rebuilt Limit Engineering TE-67mm, .63 P.T.E. P-Trim with HD acuator, 725hp, 3in-2in.out, Rebuilt By Limit Engineering. Never installed since rebuild.Still in bag and box from Limit. $500.00 plus shipping SOLD
  18. sscamino

    New rebuilt Limit TE-67

    NEW Rebuilt Limit EngineeringTE-67mm .63 P.T.E. P-Trim with HD acuator, 725hp. 3in.inlet and 2in.out. Not installed since rebuilt. $650.00 plus shipping
  19. sscamino

    Limit Engineering TE-67 mm .63 P.T.E. P-Trim with HD Acuator

    Limit TE-67mm .63 P.T.E. P-Trim newly rebuilt by Limit with HD actuator. Still in bag and box from Limit,hasnt been on since rebuild. Killer turbo ,changing combo.$650. plus shippin with actuator 724-561-4470
  20. sscamino

    86-87 V-6 heads cast#25518445

    A set of stock heads,degreased,pressure tested,soft plugs,seals,resurfaced .007",with new comp cams (lt-1) spings and new ARP head bolts ready to go.I had heads done ,then ended up going with roller cam and rockers. Sell or trade 400.00 or best offer also Caspers voltbooster 50.00 shiped ,also...