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    Priming Engine

    Hey guys, priming question. I have to reprime my engine. "It's inside of car" it's been awhile sense it was running. Let it spin about a 45 seconds, no pressure. So if I reprime i using priming tool, does the distributor has to go back in the same way it came out? " so in other words it need...
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    G Body Downpipe

    Does anyone have a '84-'85 downpipe from G Body Parts they are willing to sale? I seen on here last year, but can't remember the guy who was selling it.
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    T-Top Question

    I have seen people selling T-Top Bags, I've seen bags sold in pairs. (1 T-Top in each bag) . The one have that fits 2 T-Tops in one bag, it has a divider in it. It has the GM Logo and the Fisher Body Logo. Evidently they had different bags for the years, anyone know with bags was for which year.
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    Hot Air Headers

    I see Ebay has another set headers for '84-'85's. Looks like they are made by same company, it does have a little different crossover set-up.
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    What is this bag?

    This was in my GN when I bought it years ago. I have no idea of what it it. I also have a factory t-top bag, what would those sale for?
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    Fuel Pump Clearance Issue

    Hey guys, having a problem. Just installed a DeatschWerks DW200 fuel pump. When i try to install it back in the tank, the fuel filter hits the bottom of the fuel tank. Anyone else had this problem, it has the factory tank with the internal baffle. Thanks guys.
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    '86-'87 Down pipe

    Hey Guys, looking for a after market down pipe off a '86-'87 GN. I know these parts are not cheap. I'm trying to fab up a down pipe for my '84. Let me know what u have and what u would might let it go for. Thanks
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    GNX Fender Vent Decal

    How about a set of GNX fender vent decals, i see a lot of other vinyl decals of the Buick.
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    Buick GN Front Prebent Brake Line Only

    Just need the front drivers side Prebent brake line. Thanks Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    Brake Set-Up

    If you go to a intercooled set-up on a '84/'85 GN. Can u still use the same brake system, or would u have to go to the '86/'87 set-up. Thanks
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    U Joint Straps

    Hey guys, want to upgrade my u joints straps on my GN. What areally u guys using?
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    Jeep Steering Shaft

    Looking to do a steering shafts upgrade, I heard guys say get a mid 90's Jeep Cherokee steering shafts with "Nacam" stamped on it. I got that part, where about is it stamped at on the shaft, so I won't spend hours looking for the stamping on the shaft. Top, BoTom or middle way?. Thanks guys
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    Lowering Kits

    Looking to do a 2" drop on my '84 GN, who makes the best kit. Looking for a swap set-up, wit out any xtra work. I will still be using the factory wheels. I thinking about the UMI Performance or Eibach. Thanks
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    '86-'87 Headers

    Looking for a good set of '86-'87 headers that's in good shape, or willing to trade for something. Tell me what u need, I might have something. Thanks
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    R.G. Ray V Band Clamps

    Where can I buy R.G. Ray V Band clamps? I'm in real need of them for my Hot Air exhaust. Thanks
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    R.G. Ray V Band Clamps

    Where can I buy R.G.Ray V BAND clamps? I'm in real need of them for my Hot Air exhaust. Thanks.
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    Melling High Volume Oil Pump Kit

    New High Volume Oil Pump Kit # K.201HV asking $45.00 near Roxboro N.C. area.
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    ARP '86-'87 Head Stud Kit

    New ARP Head Stud Kit #123-4003, just opened up pack. Used 1 to see will it work on a '84 Block. Asking $80.00, would like to meet person to sell to avoid having to do the mailing thing. I live in the Roxboro N.C. area.
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    '86-'87 GN Wheels

    Looking for a good complete set of '86-'87 GN Wheels that's in good shape. That's near Roxboro, N.C so I can check them out.
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    '86-'87 GN Wheels

    Looking for a good complete set of '86-'87 GN Wheels that's in good shape.