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  1. 1986_GNAT

    Double pumper fuel System, Powerlogger and flow matched Siemens 57lb low impedance injectors

    Used Powerlogger Comes with 2.2 scanmaster chip and com cable, i dont have the CD but I can email you the software thats on the cd. 150 plus shipping. Double pumper Comes with everything you need to install minus some small vacuum lines, (some already on your car and some you have to get very...
  2. 1986_GNAT

    Anyone in Chicago or south suburbs have a good working ignition coil handy?

    In need of a known good Ignition Coil A.S.A.P, to troubleshoot an issue with a miss. Please Text me 312 953 six one one eight Jaime
  3. 1986_GNAT

    Turbo sucked in MAF sensor screens?

    In may i posted about having blue smoke on my exhaust so i removed the intake side to inspect turbo for play amd there was none! Now i had to take it out again to re-install my alternator since it had taken a crap. i glanced at the turbo impeller and i see chipped/blades...fml! i Asked a fellow...
  4. 1986_GNAT

    Smoking after car has been sitting after a drive!

    i just took the intake to throttle body off and i found this? i also took the inlet pipe to turbo off and theres no in and out shaft play but theres some side to side and thats clean. can it be bad valve seals or piston rings? i am getting engine oil into crankcase on valve cover breathers i...
  5. 1986_GNAT

    Precision turbo TE63-1 Parts or Rebuild Help questions

    Hello everybody, I need help finding out if my turbo is going bad and if so, are parts available to rebuild it? The reason I'm asking is because a few minutes after I start the car I get some blue smoke out of the exhaust. once I start driving it and hit a little boost the blue smoke subsides...
  6. 1986_GNAT

    Please tell me what this is...

    When I was looking to replace my pcv valve, I found this connector with what looks like 2 vacuum nozzles sitting next on top/next to the pcv valve, it has a pigtail connector and I see no vacuum hoses anywhere that connect to it, please help me by telling me what it is and why it's there, just...
  7. 1986_GNAT

    SMC Alcohol Controller hissing sound

    Hello everyone, I purchased this vehicle a month ago and I noticed that there's a hissing sound coming out of the controller. I have to play with one of the knobs so it quiets down but it doesn't go away completely, can anyone tell me why its doing this? I'm totally new to this.