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    Metco Rear Lower Control Arms

    Looking for reasonably priced Metco rear lower control arms. Unpainted and with good bushings preferred.
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    Stock Location IC

    Looking for either a Dut modified stock IC without shroud or mount brackets or a reasonably priced :) extended IC with good shroud and brackets.
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    Stock IC with Dut Neck

    Need Dut modified stock intercooler. No brackets or shroud required.
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    Dut Modded Stock IC

    Looking for a IC assembly as in title with adapter hose but without mount brackets.
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    Newly Registered Seasoned Watcher

    I have been following the board for about two years and last November I finally acquired a 1987 GN T-top. The car is unique as it was purchased in Tuscon at Royal Buick and the original owner was Linda Ronstats sister. I have all of the original documents for the purchase, plus a three ring...