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    I hate knock!!

    Had dual exhaust installed as original muffler gave up the ghost installed cleaned and flow tested stock injectors last week Hard pull no knock Took her out tonight and 1-3.3 knock at 790-815. 15lbs boost, 93 pump gas, 43-44 psi line off Why clean a week ago and knock today? Gas is a...
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    Late shift into OD

    Hi all, I had new exhaust installed. On drive home my car was shifting soft. I adjusted TV and first to second and second to third shifts are firm and at typical shift points. Maybe a bit more firm than prior but tough to be sure. Fourth is shifting late, around 45-50mph and I have to be light...
  3. J

    Replaced Original exhaust and now shifts differently

    Replaced original cat back with dual from Y pipe back. Now shifting much later and feels like shifting much softer including downshifts. Looking for any advice. Stock computer, TT Chip, stock injectors, stock MAf, stock intake, etc. Thanks, Joel
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    Setting Timing

    Hi all, 1986 GN, 19K miles, stock injectors, running 93 octane pump gas, 13-14 lbs boost, adj fuel regulator. Turbo Tweak chip for stock injectors and 93 octane gas. Looking for suggestions on what I should set the timing at? Also, any advice on draining gas tank is much appreciated. I know I...
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    Looking for Stock Injectors

    Hi all, My car has the stock injectors, although the car is low miles it sat for a long time. I'm concerned the injectors may not all be clean or working as intended. I'm looking to replace them with new equivalent so i can rule them out as a source of knock. I'm running 93 octane and 15 lbs and...
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    Looking for steel female -4 an to femail 1/8 npt for fuel pressure sending unit on fuel rail

    Seems silly but I've been searching a bit and can't readily find. Thanks, Joel Meant to type female in title, can't spell.
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    First Time at Track for both me and my car

    Hi all, Had my first night at the track on Friday. I had a great time!!! Gunslinger and Pronto were both there. My car is stock other than vacuum brakes, 340 fuel pump and hotwire. My best time as a 14.8. It was around 90 degrees out and humid. I thought the car would've been a bit quicker. I...
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    ac recharge

    i replaced accumulator and orific tube i replaced o rings i pulled vacuum i loaded with ester oil and jumped low presure switch i loaded 4-5 cans of 134 i cant seem to get any more into car low pressure stays around 30-40 with higj at 200 compressor does not cycle after i hook up low pressure...
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    here is my co-mechanic lucy
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    t-roof weather stripping

    are there any easily obtained weather stripping for the plates directly under the t-roofs? it is the black stripping that the sunroof rests on it is the thin strip on top of the rrim plates thanks joel
  11. J

    looking for brass fuel rail shrader valve cap

    I missplaced mine, still looking, but have not found yet. I think there is a part number for replacement but haven't found that yet either. Thanks, Joel
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    fuel pressure

    used test guage from autozone and taped to windshield idle with vacuum was at 25-26 built up about a pound per pound if boost to approximately 35 i did not go to wot from what i read these numbers appear low i had no knock through progresive throtle thoughts? stock other than vacuum brakes joel
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    G-Body T-top Headliner Replacement / Repair

    In summary here are steps for t-top car. Purchased "Headliner Material" at joann's (Joann's classifies as "utility fabric") 1 yard would do, I got three, should've measured, you should to, 1 yard should be enough but check. Removed T-roofs. Removed two screws from rear trim piece above rear...
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    what color joann fabrics headliner for gn

    Looking for the color code or name will try to grab on way home tonight Thanks Joel
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    My 1986 GN

    Well, here she is. Still haven't had a chance to wash her. First time she's had a front license plate. The original owner even had the plastic inserts in the original envelope from the dealer, he never put a front plate on. Anyway, took her to the gas station to put in my first tank of gas and...
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    what primer and paint to use on fiberglass fillers?

    Car has original paint and while i await for the boss to approve a budget for new paint job i will do fillers myself Looking for basic prep instructions and rattle can primer and paint recommendations Thank you Joel
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    First ScanMaster Readings

    o2 Mcv - bouncing from say 115 to 600, primarily around 580-600 retard 0.0 TPS at idle .34 Any input is appreciated. Motor is 100% stock, right now has stock fuel pump, stock everything, I've done spring cleaning and installed vacuum brakes that's about it. I did put in platnum plugs and a...
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    tcc solenoid and sending unit

    Anyone know the part number hoping to find locally so i can swap out this weekend same for fuel sending unit (if my original is crap when i pull appart to install new fuel pump) Thanks Joel
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    Any Interest in a Cookout at York Beach Maine this July?

    Great family beach. I can set up a few canopies and sort out whatever I need to sort out with the local officials. If I can't cook at the beach, I can cook at the house and shuttle the food to the beach as I'm close to the beach. I can only accommodate parking at my place for maybe 10 cars...
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    conversion from R12 to r134

    I'm confused. I've replaced the orifice Tube. I've replaced the accumulator. I've replaced o-rings. I've added r134 adapters to high and low side. The adapters I used are the simple, non-core, hollow adapters. I've purchased harbor freight gauges and vacuum (run off my compressor). My confusion...