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    injectors....160's, 72's, 42's, 32's and 30's

    (6) seimen deka 3145's 72 lb per hr Low imp $240 (8) 280 150842 160 lb 1680cc Low imp $300 (5) 42 lucas green stripes 621031 $20 each (5) 32 green stripe 621020 $20 each (8) 42 short delphi 17113739 (LS3 injectors) $200 702-277-5110 text or call
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    #289 tta 14723 miles project

    I looked, and didnt see one tta in the non buick market place. I found several in with the buicks though. And frankly I cant imagine separating them. I have car #289....14723 miles. Has not been registered since 1990. Its apart, but I have almost all the parts. Some new (seats redone)...
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    cleaning shop out

    I ve been cleaning my shop. I havnt dealt with turbo buick parts for years, so if the price is out of left feild, just make an offer. I did do some research on some stuff. 1. rjc 20 bolt girdle New in box. = $260.00 shipped 2. 3.805 total seal rings 5/64 5/64 3/16 ts1 rings = $110 shipped...
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    Tools for rebuilding?

    Does anyone know whereto get the tools for a rebuild? Short of peicing things together, is there some place that sells a tool kit? I know snap on , and matco offers some tools kits but I havn t been able to locate anything particular. Anyone want to sell some used tools, and case holder...
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    arp head studs with the allen in the end?

    I ve seen them for others.....I think ls1.....but has anyone seen them with the allen in the end for TR's or better yet a TTA since the head bolt/stud lenght is different? It makes so you can install them with the head on, so you don t need the clearance above the studs to pull/install...
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    picture at the track I hope this worked, it worked....BTW don t buy anything, I didn t take the picture and I don t know why its on there site? but you can look .
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    11.60@119.93 1.67 60'

    well.....I found the mph.....but the track sucked so bad no 60'. It ran 11.60 @115 with 1.59-1.60 60's a couple months ago.... It was friday night.....and 300 ricers....they wouldn t let anyone drive around the water so every 18 sec ricer draged water up to the starting line. This was...
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    Just ordered a T+ extreme any tips?

    Well, Mike at full throttle is sending me a T+ with an extreme chip. I was in a hurry on my he didn t tell me alot about it. Any info would be great. I ve played with two reg Translators and one T+ but not a lot of time on it and I think it was an extender not the extreme. Mike at...
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    esc module?

    ok, Im having a pretty strange basic question is which one is the esc module? I have two tta"s figured I take one off the other car to try out....but I m used to TR's....and my TR is 310 miles away at the moment. Does anyone have a location/drawing of engine compartment stuff...
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    big stuff vrs gen 7? what is the big stuff like anyways?

    Lots of talk about the big stuff, but what is it like? Heck I don t even know what else it could offer comparde to a gen 7? I guess its John Meanys deal though right? That certainly builds a lot of expectation and respect. Isn t the gen 7 at least to a point from meany as well?or was that fel...
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    donovan alum sbc? I just got one!

    Well, I don t know much about them, hell Ive probably only seen a hand full. I bought an aluminum donovan sbc. It has spayed caps, darton sleeves, its all fresh, ready to build, just needs cam bearings installed. Its a 4.155 bore 400 main journal Its been clearanced for a large stroke...
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    oem shifter cable ?

    Ok, most parts stores say they don t have one, and can not order it....but the dealer said all 82-92 f bodies used the same one? Is this true? The dealer did not seem to know what a tta was , but did acknoledge the 200 th as an option. Did any f bodies other then a tta come with a 200-4r...
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    modded ecm's ?????

    1. What is the # of the oem driver/transitor? 2. Why is it so difficult? I ve heard that other transitors just are not available to do it? all discountinued? What is so hard to match? 3. What gets hurt if you use the wrong transitor? 4. What are the specifics of the oem transitor...
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    car fax/ title history needed for a TTA

    I don t know what car fax wil tell me or not....looking for registrastion dates, milage at those dates....lead on way to find previous owners.... Car fax will be a good place to start. 1g5fw2174kL236952
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    Anybody in Tulsa?

    Im possibly looking at a truck close to there.....if anyone has free time can you run to collinsville to take peek and a few pics if you have digital camera? maybe a test drive? I d be flying in next weekend and need a ride too.....I m guessing its 20 -25 miles? Its down to two trucks...
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    carfax/history report needed?

    1B7MC33D7WJ133611 I was hoping someone has access? its a dodge truck, I m looking for it service history....
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    Any chassis blue prints?

    I m looking for chassis blue prints...well designs /pictures etc.. All cars will do but specifically 4 th gen f bodies would be real nice. Anybody?
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    Looking for a new TIG welder...

    Looking for suggestions, from regular users....I had a lincoln 175 but not sure if I should just replace it.....Family member took it, and it doesn t look good on getting it back soon..... I don t use a tig very often but it looks like I will more in the near future.....on...
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    2003 West Coast Buick Nats.

    Mark your calenders...... October 3 rd and 4th...... We are doing it again.......but bigger and better..... way bigger..... The track is opening many hours for us due to a higher expected car count......10 hrs on friday 4 till 2 am..... all cars welcome.... expect mostly buicks, f...
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    stock 86/7 turbo , air flow lbs/min?

    m looking for the compressor wheel options of the stock turbo.... I m not sure what the oem is......first problem....but it supports about 350 hp so Im guessing it produces about 35 lbs/min..... What other wheels can be put in the stock turbo? to4-h? thats about 53 lbs/min.... just...