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    Posting Pictures

    This was posted in the previous push-back post and Mike and I wanted to start a new thread to make sure everyone caught the latest change in the date. Since masks may be required, we have decided to make pants optional...except for Lou! Be safe and let's take the extra time to fix what needs...
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    Buicks@Bates 2020 - Official Kickoff Thread

    Come One, Come All! NEW DATE: Aug 7th 2020 It’s that time again! This is your 60 day call for the 27th Annual Buicks at Bates car show and gathering. Mike and I are optimistic that the dreaded COVID19 virus that is creeping all around will hopefully have blown over and we can dust off our...
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    Roll Call - Bates 2019

    Lets get a rolling list of those headed South and West for this years Buicks@Bates! 1. Eric - (Sd=Slider)
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    Chasing KR issues

    I have been gradually working my way through the GN replacing and upgrading key components in preparation for my E85 conversion. Mods to date current setup are: Stock Internals Comp 980 valve springs RJC Stock Plenum Power Plate TT 91 Streeter Stock injectors Walbro 340 w/ Racetronix Hotwire...
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    Wanted - Stock front control arms

    Anyone between LA and Mexico have a clean set? I'm in the San Diego area - 92126
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    Wanted - Stock front control arms

    Anybody have a set?
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    Buicks@Bates 2018 - Official Kickoff Thread

    It’s that time again! Just over 30 days to go until the 2018 Buicks@Bates gathering in San Diego on June 3rd! This year we are celebrating 25 years of this gathering, both at Deer Park and Bates combined! Come help make this the largest one yet and claim the title of "Largest" Turbo Buick...
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    Stock exhaust removal without butchering

    Aside from using a lift, or rear suspension removal, has anyone successfully removed a stock exhaust without cutting it in more than two places? Trying to save it if possible. -Eric Eric Brown - San Diego, CA
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    Big 3 Parts Exchange - Feb 24-26 - Qualcomm Stadium

    The Big 3 Parts Exchange is coming up and was curious if anyone is going. SoCal GS club will be there and a million other gear-heads. Teeth are optional...:jimlad: Who's in? >>> Big 3 Parts Exchange <<< :)
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    A Pillar gauge pods

    Acquired a full A-Pillar dual pod gauge piece last year and I am curious if anyone else has had any luck getting theirs installed AND looking good at the same time. Fitment and aesthetics are of A$$ caliber...and that's a compliment. I understand the time and monetary outlay that goes into...
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    Broken vendor link - Arizona GN

    Can an admin fix the vendor link for ArizonaGN? Kicking out a 404 with the following URL: " "
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    Problems with site?

    Tried almost 2 weeks ago ti sign up with no email confirmation or feedback. I even tried a second username and email last week to no avail... Anyone have any connections over there to "poke" the admin(s)? =Eric
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    ATR Catalytic Converter needed

    I am looking for an ATR 3" cat to use with my RJC DP. I have one now but would like to have another "hi flo" version between smog checks. It will ship to 92108. Thanks.
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    Slider's E85 Conversion - "Hold my Beer and watch this!"

    Finally making the switch to E85. Have several stations that have opened up within a mile of the house so there are no longer any excuses. :p Starting out with a 40K unopened stock motor with the following enhancements: - New valve springs - Fuel pump HW kit - Accufab AFPR - Anco wiper...
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    Fuel Pump hanger AN fitting mods

    Have my lines ready to install with 8AN feed and 6AN return with female AN fittings. Has anyone used the Russell Push-on EFI fittings? Contemplating using these over soldering the bungs on the hanger...
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    Buicks @ Bates 2016 - Official Kickoff Thread

    It’s that time again! Less than 60 days to go until the 2016 Buicks@Bates gathering in San Diego on June 5th! Come join the largest gathering of Turbo and Classic Buick's this side of the Mississippi. Once again there will be fun for all ages, including the return of the Jump House, coloring...
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    T-Shirts - "Black Regal Society"

    Still have some of these left. They are printed on Gildan Ultra Cotton tees and are available in small through xxxl. There will be a 2 week turnaround on xxl+ sizes and any others I run out of. $20 shipped to lower 48 (Add $2 for xxl+) Order and pay via:
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    Anyone interested in teaching?

    Assistant Professor of Automotive Technology @ our Miramar Campus just opened up. It's a good gig with good bennies!
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    Any Hot Air tuners in the Ventura area?

    One of our brothers is looking for some guidance to finalize the tune on his 85 GN. No car @ Bates. :-( Anyone care to keep the cars coming? :-)
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    Stock suspension crashing sound over bumps

    I have been chasing a loud thumping/crashing sound that sounds like something is taking out the windshield and was curious if anyone else has had similar symptoms or issues. I replaced the shocks and did a visual on everything. I also checked the wheel play on a lift to verify the tie rods/ends...