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    Brake Response of Hydroboost vs PM vs Vacuum

    PM went out. Tried vacuum, had MANY issues - however other local owners like the vacuum. Found an 84 & installed it - very pleased, it is nowadays more popular & would cost less than the almost $600 I have in it (rebuilt the unit, braided stainless lines, etc). Have heard of going non power...
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    GBodyParts new GN wheels and LS1 front brakes

    Installed 12" Baer years ago on the T. T aluminium wheels would not fit without a 1/8" spacer. 84 & 85 GN aluminium fit with no issues, blasted the black paint off & they look like original T wheels. Also had rears widened to 9.5" & wear on 275 50 15 is superior (as is handling with 25 - 30...
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    Toyo Proxes TQ Experience

    DO NOT RUN TOYO!!!! Tried a set & first time on damp (not wet) spun 720*. Currently running Nitto 275 50 15. Want to run an all weather tire, however, want 275 or 295 x 15. Only all weather in that size I find is Mickey Thompson& unable to get owner feedback. Drag radials don't like highway driving.
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    powermaster replacement??

    /tried the vacuum & blew the diaphragm twice - had a 1 way valve which probably leaked, changed it & still blew the diaphragm - fool me once & twice, but not 3 times. Many local owners like vacuum. Hydro-boost resolved all issues & even gives more line pressure than any other type - HB is used...
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    Just moved to Fruit Cove, will try to make it to Food Lion.
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    Garage Ideas

    30' x 40' 14' ceiling, 3500 lb floor with rebar in lift area, steel foam insulated, 100 amp minimum electric service, individually switched lights completely around wall, minisplit A/C (Older home, need to upgrade A/C) - make sure unit can handle house & garage, it'll be running low speed when...
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    Replacement for 3" ATR Pitbull Muffler-Too Loud for me

    Added a Magnaflow cross-flow where the original cross-flow used to be, with Pit Bulls drone is gone.
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    Cupbolder for centre console...

    A cup holder off a 95 Passat works great. It's already black (painted mine to match the T type interior. It slides up on the drivers side of the console & folds up when not in use to less than an inch thick. Bought mine from the local VW dealer years ago, don't know about current availability.
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    How wide can I take T rims?

    No frame work, currently running 275x50.
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    How wide can I take T rims?

    Had True Design in Colorado widen my T/84 85 aluminium rims to 9.5". 295x15 50 fit, 325x50 need some fender rolling. Look almost original. Went with 84/85 GN rims to clear Baer brakes - T rims required a spacer.
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    1986 GN brake upgrade ?

    I believe the early 86 had hydroboost. This would make a hydroboost conversion an original upgrade. I got a hydroboost off an 85 & it works much better than the PM (did have it rebuilt - more $). It was a pricey upgrade, however I've seen them listed for about the same as the vacuum kits. I...
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    Standard Motor Products LX338 Ignition module

    Upgrade to Type II. After having 2 coil paks fail, the Type II is still working.
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    Kenne Bell Ram Air

    KB installed per KB & minor mods & Ruggles iron heads - 11.58.
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    Going 4l80E, I'm off the deep end again!

    Interested Seems like a lot of $$$. My 4L60 in my stock V6 truck is not holding up. Why not go for a 6L80e or an Allison.
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    best headers for GN

    Tired of repairing cracks Got mine from 229.244.0577 About $595
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    Do you guys keep a loaded gun near when you go to sleep?

    I'm 1 of over 1,000,000 in Florida licensed to carry - Glock 26, 1 in chamber & extra magazines, BUG is a made in Germany Luger, 12 ga #4 buck in the house.
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    Cheaper Than Dirt has a magazine for $700+
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    April 2013 What are the header options

    GS Club has complete powder coated set about $595 - excellent quality. 229 244-0577
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    Looking for a good street tire

    Around town & very short trips I find Nitto 555 drag tires to be about the best. Looking for a good long trip highway tire. Want 275 x 50 15". Mickey Thompson appears to be only street tire that size or wider available. Want to keep car as original appearing as possible, I run T-type widened...
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    Narrowing stock t-type wheels??

    Had my 84 & 85 refurbished about 10 years ago by Truedesign in Colorado. Talk to Jim. Excellent work. Did not narrow, however, had them widened to 9.5" - look great & reasonably priced.