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  1. m3x1c0

    ECM Reset

    Hello all. Wanted to see if any of you had seen this problem as I have seen it on my own personal car as well as several customer cars. Check out this datalog below. As you can see there is a single frame where the ECM resets itself. You see RPM drop to nothing, and the same with the TPS and...
  2. m3x1c0

    Intercooler Hoses - Why they matter in restoration work

    Hello all. RC and I have been working a few cars where the directive from the customer is to "present the car in factory or showroom condition." As you all know Richard (and now I for that matter) can be very picky when it comes to original parts. So when a customer had supplied us with...
  3. m3x1c0

    Water in kick panel area! MAL 51! Stalling in traffic! Seems related somehow?

    Time to let Bob off the hook on this one! For a while I suspected something wrong with my powerlogger that was causing me major headaches. I kept running into an issue where the car would stall for seemingly no reason. While sitting in traffic it would just shut off and eventually I'd get the...
  4. m3x1c0

    How to fix the orange wire's plug

    oops. broke the tab. the cold must be making everything brittle because it just popped off with no effort. Where can I order a new plug. Might as well re do the male and female end.
  5. m3x1c0

    F$%$ (Turbosaver oil lines)

    I am using the PTE turbosaver on my car. When we rebuilt the engine I used some high pressure hose from NAPA and used hose clamps on both ends over the hose in combination with the push lock fitting. I was informed that this could be detrimental since the design was meant to be used only with...
  6. m3x1c0

    The Dreaded paint crack

    Hey all. The paint on the car was already doing the crowsfeet/ paint cracking on the quarters when I bought. Now 20k+ miles later its spread all over the quarters and is not starting on parts of the door and the spoiler lip.I don't want to pay for a crazy paint job until I can afford a house...
  7. m3x1c0

    Tech question about a civic

    Reposting my friends post for him because I'm gonna help him with his buddy's civic. Wanted to get your opinions since you are all much smarter than us! Hello all. Working on a 99 civic for a friend. Car is losing coolant out of the overflow and then getting hot. Car has a new radiator and all...
  8. m3x1c0

    Anyone wanna check out my logs?

    No not the brown kind :D... Tuning with my Maft Pro and extender pro chip. Ecm is in full time open loop, maft is closed with an lc1 wideband. Still struggling to understand the thing. I tuned the mainscale to lowest average correction factor at cruise. This is tough to do in the hills of...
  9. m3x1c0

    three dead alternators

    Hey all. The car started acting up this weekend. TPS voltage was higher than I remember setting it to. Reset it to .44 and the car ran ok. Yesterday the tps is all over the place and the car would stumble and run super rich and die out at stoplights. Checked the battery voltage and it started...
  10. m3x1c0

    Header panel install

    Searched it. Came up with nothing. Getting a new fiberglass header panel painted right now and plan to install it over the weekend. What do I need to look out for? How hard will it be to line everything up?
  11. m3x1c0

    Oil Filter Findings.

    So the car has sat for about a month until friday night. Finished up putting the new Rad in and switching exhaust housing back from a garrett to a Precision. I also changed the oil. The oil in the pan looked good. no shavings or anything. No hint of coolant or anything. Cut open the filter using...
  12. m3x1c0

    PTE Turbosaver line routing.

    I have an embarrassingly dumb question to ask. I wrote it down before the lines, checked and double checked but now that I have acquired the ridiculously hard to find oil lines for my PTE turbosaver I just want to be triply sure. How are the lines routed? Is it OUT from the oil pump IN to the...
  13. m3x1c0

    little smokey

    uh oh! Noticed a little puff of smoke and oil smell when I reversed into my driveway a couple days ago and coming to a stop at idle today. I have occasionally noticed little whiffs of burnt oil smell once or twice before figured it was just my leaky turbo drain. Today happened once and couldnt...
  14. m3x1c0

    Clean up wiring under dash

    Im getting ready to add another accessory that will need a constant 12v supply. I refuse to run a wire to the battery because I hate the way that looks so I will look to power it somewhere off the fuse box. However, while I was quickly rooting around under there today I realized my alky power...
  15. m3x1c0

    Header Gussets

    My Poston (I think they're poston) have cracked again on the driver side. A few posts mention welding a gusset to prevent future cracking. Does anyone have pictures or an illustration that I could show to a local welder so I can have that done?
  16. m3x1c0

    Continuous Logging with PL?

    Is there any way to get the powerlogger to record continuously? The files are so small and the PL software so light it shouldnt be too hard to get hardware small enough to hide behind the dash. There would need to be a way for PL to automatically boot and start recording every time the car is...
  17. m3x1c0

    Velcro melting from scanmaster

    Is there a stronger alternative to Velcro that wouldnt be permanent for mounting the scanmaster inside? All my velcro is leaving a gooey mess everywhere!
  18. m3x1c0

    What do you guys think Diamond in the rough? Its a 350 carbed car that needs an alternator and tires. Considering buying it to get the header panel for my car. I would then use it to beat on during the winter. After that... LS swap? Clone? Is it worth the $1500 yall...
  19. m3x1c0

    Arm Rest, Billet Shift Knob, Cam Button, Taylor Wires, etc..

    Hey all. Here's some junk leftover after converting my car to tr6 and bringing the interior back to stock. The coil pack is a Duralast I got from Autozone in January. Has about 1000 miles on it. Worked fine, its a good backup to keep in the trunk. Taylor Wires are a little dirty but work great...
  20. m3x1c0

    Dual Fuel pump senders available?

    Hey guys. I have an older Racetronix dual fuel setup on my car and it is great! The only thing is that I'd like to replace my fuel lines and use AN line to get away from the stock stuff that costs too much. The problem is that Racetronix does not appear to be selling bare senders. Anyone know a...