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  1. m3x1c0

    My 8 month HORROR story. What would you do?

    This was from Mr. Mooneys engine during our tear down. Do y'all see any evidence of rod knock? How about those tolerances? Think this would make any noise?
  2. m3x1c0

    My 8 month HORROR story. What would you do?

    112/112? You really think thats what we specced for you? That doesn't even exist?
  3. m3x1c0

    My 8 month HORROR story. What would you do?

    Idk who spread the story that I don’t work there anymore but I do lol. Just work weird hours. I work at least 40 hours a week at rcg.
  4. m3x1c0

    My 8 month HORROR story. What would you do?

    First of all I want to say I’m very sorry about your frustration with the motor. I’ve been through it. Several times. In fact after dumping about 20,000 into my car it was wrecked by a dumbass less than 2 months after getting it back on the road. I was gutted. But we move on and do the best we...
  5. m3x1c0

    ECM Reset

    Hello all. Wanted to see if any of you had seen this problem as I have seen it on my own personal car as well as several customer cars. Check out this datalog below. As you can see there is a single frame where the ECM resets itself. You see RPM drop to nothing, and the same with the TPS and...
  6. m3x1c0

    Machine shop costs

    I think self promotion is a little tacky so I wont tell you who I work for in this post. What I will say is that while our machine prices are relatively high; I've calculated what my boss makes per hour on an average stroker motor/girdle build. I'll just say I made more working at mcdonalds. You...
  7. m3x1c0

    Ball Bearing or Journal

    Get the XFI black box. Retard the ignition for traction leave it alone to scare your friends and roast tires
  8. m3x1c0

    Suggestions for monitoring oil pressure

    Does anyone on this board monitor Oil pressure from the back of the block as Ruggles suggested way back in the day? Would love to put a transducer back there.
  9. m3x1c0

    Intercooler Hoses - Why they matter in restoration work

    Hello all. RC and I have been working a few cars where the directive from the customer is to "present the car in factory or showroom condition." As you all know Richard (and now I for that matter) can be very picky when it comes to original parts. So when a customer had supplied us with...
  10. m3x1c0

    OIl pan removal with front main studs

    I have taken the pan out with main studs many times. Watch that counterweight as has been suggested. If your motor mounts are worn that might make it hard. I ended up putting Poly motor mounts which makes the pan practically fall out now.
  11. m3x1c0

    Caspers cap suggestion - you good with this?

    Not a fan of that cap personally. Would rather have the tool that plugs in. I think Casper might still make that.
  12. m3x1c0

    Precision stretch intercooler NEW

    does it come with hardware? Is the up pipe chrome or painted? Also where are you located?
  13. m3x1c0

    87 regal parts

    I'd be interested in seats and maybe door cards if not toooo faded.
  14. m3x1c0

    4" intake compressor side turbo in stock location, what did you do with up-pipe?

    I have a 4 inch inlet. Ill get some pics of it when Im back to the car. No fancy spacers or tricks just the angled IAC
  15. m3x1c0

    Frame bracing / support

    I have a very low-tech version of this (made from a sign post lol). I took it off for shits and giggles one day and noticed a lot more squeaky squeak in the rear. The brace that goes up above the rear shocks Would probably be just as good although I don't know if it would have as much leverage.
  16. m3x1c0

    Oil Catch Can & Valve Covers Installed

    That is an elegant setup! Do you have any pics of where you mounted your pump? I've been wanting to do this but dont like the look of those giant hoses going all over the place.
  17. m3x1c0

    How to install a DW 300 fuel pump and achieve proper fuel pressure

    The filter sock design of this pump is its major downfall. I've already had one chuck its sock off in-tank when that cheesy retaining clip broke off. Of course for the price and performance it still can't be beat.
  18. m3x1c0

    ms3pro ultimate

    I dont know how to help you with this problem but keep us updated. Been considering trying the MS since helping abuddy with one on his e30
  19. m3x1c0

    CNC porting head porting or the "old fashioned way"

    Just having driven a couple cars with ported irons I can say the seat of the pants difference is definitely there. Even down low. My main concern with my car is to get it to feel as strong from a light as possible. Heads are where I'm looking next.