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    SCAM ALERT!!!! They're in here as members!

    Looking for a TV cable, The below member, "Joined today" Gave me the email of someone who has one. Long story short, they wanted friends and family only, send a pic of a throttle cable, and used the pic from someone's eBay add. Also received a message from what may be the same scammer. Issues...
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    Stock TV Cable - 1987

    As the title states. Looking for a stock TV Cable for an 87. Used is fine. Thanks! Call or text please. 516-356-6238 - Tyler.
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    My 1987 We4 Enjoy. Call or text with any questions. Thanks! Tyler.
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    87 we4

    87 we4. 142k on the body. 2k on the motor and tranny. Brand new interior, bumper fillers, emblems, hood pad, and much more. Listing here before it goes on eBay with no reserve. $30k 516-356-6238. Wish I could add pics but this site has the capabilities of an Atari. Guess eBay it is. SMH
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    Whose car is this?

    Who is this? This character is impersonating me on Facebook. Talking all kinds of smack about me, posting nonsense, got me banned for 30 days, and is continuing to post, playing dumb, knowing I cannot reply. Furthermore, he has created a fake google voice phone number and is now harassing me on...
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    Lots of parts! Fire sale! Long Island

    All the parts in the pics. $350 come pick up. I’m moving. All of it needs to go and more. Call or text 516-356-6238
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    Torque converter lockup troubleshoot?

    Is there a torque converter lockup troubleshoot guide? I’ve done some reading and can’t find one. I see testing power at the brake pedal switch, jumping some pins out on the ALDL connector, etc. I first need to hear the solenoid working. How can I activate that? Doesn’t make sense to use the...
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    Fully restored 87 Turbo T, Dark Blue W02

    Up for sale is quite possibly the most detailed and meticulously restored to factory original specs, turbo regal. 1987 Buick Turbo T. Full frame off restoration. Every nut, bolt and part of this car has been removed, replaced, rebuilt, glass beaded, primed, painted etc. All parts used are brand...
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    Under hood light

    Just as the title says. Somehow I lost mine and I need a replacement. Thank you!
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    One stock speaker

    I need one stock door speaker. Concert sound. Let me know what you have. Obviously working, good condition. Thanks. Not interested in aftermarket. Please do not suggest that.
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    Power master snap ring

    I need the 2” snap ring that goes in the back of the power master. Mine was just not there and leaking everywhere. See lower right hand of the photo Thanks! Tyler 516-356-6238.
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    AC Delco stock mass air flow sensor. 87

    Looking for a stock NEW if possible mass air flow sensor for the 87 turbo cars. . Ac delco, working original unit. I bought a rock auto one for $85 and apparently it’s not configured for our cars. Doesn’t work and has code 34 in the MAL. Please let me know where to find a new one or what you’ve...
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    Lots of parts and good deals!!

    All parts are price shipped!! Feel free to text or call any time. 516-356-6238 Ac lines, Broken port easy weld fix - 100 Headlight bezel, was chrome - 40 Bumperette front stock with cushion - $20 Rear bumperette Goodmark NEW - $30 Quarter extension - $20 Rear bumper strip w/ white inlay -...
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    Turbo J bracket, restored

    Turbo J bracket. Glass beaded, painted with VHT gloss engine black. All bolt holes tapped and cleaned. Bracket glass beaded and painted with VHT universal aluminum engine paint. $150 shipped.
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    Trunk emblem placement. Am I correct?

    87 turbo T. Took this Info from here which was taken from kirbans. Idk, they seem wayyyyy too high up. I went 1-3/4” from the top trunk lip. Kirbans says 1-1/2”. So they claim even higher! Let me know. Emblems will surely be ruined if I have to remove them
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    Side body moulding installation

    Where is there a diagram or something along the lines of placement and lengths of the side body moulding and the angle to cut it on etc? Thanks!! I have the roll of rubber
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    Converting AC

    I have a new ac delco compressor, new receiver / dryer, condenser has been cleaned and blown out as well as all the lines and evaporator. What do I need to “convert” to 134? Or is it as simple as putting the adapters on the charging ports? Thanks!
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    Vacuum ball

    Did all cars have the vacuum accumulator ball under the driver front fender? If so, where does the vacuum line hook up? Is it at that 3 way check valve by the firewall off of the EGR? Because i don't have cruise control and i have an open port at that 3 way valve not sure what goes to it. Thanks!
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    Power antenna. Replace cable before install!!!

    Just a little FYI. I bought a brand new NIB OEM ac delco antenna. Installed in the car, freshly painted and all. Well. It snapped the nylon immediately. Now I had to pry and mess with the fender and bolts, agitating the new paint to get the thing out. So, replace your nylon or replace with the...
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    How does this go on? Rad. Sup deflector

    I know where this goes just not the orientation of the blocks and such. Please attach a pic of this thing installed. Pics please!!!! Explanations aren’t helping me