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    looking for a turbonetics t72 q-trim bb turbo

    only that will do so no other offers needed I have one and looking for a matching one for a twin turbo project.. If you have one and looking to upgrade nows the time $ waiting on the right piece not surehow many post I have under this account as I cant get into my old REDS HOT AIR account that...
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    need 4 bolt housing for Q-trim turbonetics

    bigger the better its a t-72 Q-trim currently with 3 bolt housing .. now going on a v8 let me know if you have anything laying around before I buy new
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    Long time no post .. everyone in hampton roads area or nearby check in

    Its the former RedsHotAir on here and former owner of Eastern Virginia Turbo Buicks I havent been in the buck scene for years now since I closed down due to a surprise divorce and was going to move out the area but I didnt Im here still in the newport news area. Just wondering if there are...
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    anyone looking for REDS HOT AIR from newport news

    Its me Im alive and well :biggrin: hope to see some old faces and meet some new ones Im not in the buick buisiness at the time but its possible I will be starting back up but for now Im working elsewhere I still have a butt load of turbo buick parts stored away and a head full of turbo...