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    looking for a turbonetics t72 q-trim bb turbo

    going once going twice . . about to order 2 p-trim 70's if no hits by tomorrow
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    Stage II headed 4.1

    wow stage heads not used up :) sounds like something Id do . . give it hell :))
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    Connecting Rod side clearance: Measurement and Machining

    stock are way too loose. great video Turbo Dave goes to show the time it takes to do things the right way . another downside to being loose on a off center engine is the more it slaps side to side the more the piston cocks over in the bore losing ring seal and causing uneven loading on the...
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    Stock 1986/1987 turbo regal Turbos

    Thinking I have a few laying around but no longer mess with turbo regals so not sure a credit would do me any good. Ill have to see what you got on your site . Ill check and post back after I get to storage and see what I have
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    looking for a turbonetics t72 q-trim bb turbo

    only that will do so no other offers needed I have one and looking for a matching one for a twin turbo project.. If you have one and looking to upgrade nows the time $ waiting on the right piece not surehow many post I have under this account as I cant get into my old REDS HOT AIR account that...
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    Drag Strip? Meet-up? I'm in Central Va

    Just stalking the VA section seeing who is still around the buick world RED / Randy
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    Long time no post .. everyone in hampton roads area or nearby check in

    well i'll be .... I posted in this thread earlier and its not here .... where are all the va peeps at ... hewwow anyone out there ?? would love to get a cruise of people together to go to the g-body event in carolina in may
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    Looking for local interest in my black T

    Where you hiding ? You still driving the Monte ? Surprised I haven't seen it on the Roads running around VA beach. I been spotting alot more gn's lately
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    slacker I didnt vote to keep our crappy president so dont be mad with me lol

    slacker I didnt vote to keep our crappy president so dont be mad with me lol
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    need 4 bolt housing for Q-trim turbonetics

    working on a deal with forcefed3.8's
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    sounds like a great daily driver grind :) poor valve springs :eek:
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    Up coming restoration parts

    I do a good job at hiding even when Im not trying. hell I even have the same number from when I was in business. 757-846-1429 I have sent a few people to your site over the years but havent really been buying any buick stuff myself .. heck I still have a bunch of stuff laying around. I plan to...
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    need 4 bolt housing for Q-trim turbonetics

    It is 10 blade wheel measuring 68mm what do you want for it sent to 23606 ? you do paypal ?
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    need 4 bolt housing for Q-trim turbonetics

    it's not new just one I have laying around it's a good 8 years old . I'm thinking it's 11 blade but I'll check
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    When I left the Buick scene like 6 years ago there seemed to be a trend of people finally getting over being scared to cam the thing up Iwas running 134 trap with the 204/214 10 years ago with a old school p_trim 70 turbo in my daily driver For caparison tsm cars were barely breaking that...
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    I would agree if it were to be a 206 roller I think im the originator of running the 204/214 cam in a turbo buick I have built many engines with 206 flat tappet and roller also