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  1. bdasv6

    ARP head studs and accessory bracket

    I have stock brackets
  2. bdasv6

    looking for 0.020 over pistons

    I have some 20 overs on stock Rods
  3. bdasv6

    Oem downpipe 87

    I have several also
  4. bdasv6

    Dis-4plus PN62152

    I have 2 I will have 2 double-check part numbers to make sure it’s the version u want and it has jumper plug
  5. bdasv6

    plenum and throttle body

    I have a ported stock setup
  6. bdasv6

    Cam sensor

    I have one
  7. bdasv6

    classic fast

    500 shipped in the us
  8. bdasv6

    classic fast

  9. bdasv6

    classic fast

    I have one complete with logger and stand alone harness
  10. bdasv6

    3 inch down pipe

    3 inch stock style down pipe with jet coating
  11. bdasv6

    3 inch down pipe

    stock style 3 inch down pipe coated with test pipe 175 shipped
  12. bdasv6

    Few parts needed

    ps res Ps res big hose Radiator hold down Heater box delete plate All parts needed for 86 87
  13. bdasv6


    U have any ps res with hoses
  14. bdasv6

    Complete SD Setup Part Out :PowerLogger,Scanmaster, Modded ECM, 3 bar Map, LC1 WBO2

    3 bar map second in line pending price shipped 2 60115
  15. bdasv6

    Stage II picture thread- Let's see 'em!

    260 oncenter stage 2 stage 2 headed 230/230 solid roller cam bs3 standalone ams 1000 47/88 turbo custom air to water intercooler
  16. bdasv6

    Stage II picture thread- Let's see 'em!

    Here's mine
  17. bdasv6

    Need transmission for 86 GN

    I have a working bq trans from hot are car if Intrested
  18. bdasv6

    Big gauge sale

    Apc and autometer
  19. bdasv6

    Big gauge sale

    Pyrometer 4144 qty 3 $100.00 each shipped Tachs 6809 qty 1 $150.00 shipped Apc 107403 qty 3 $75.00 each shipped 6884 ultimate play back qty 1 $400.00 shipped 2997 cobra instrument at 3 $75.00 each shipped 201004 cobra qty 1 $75.00 shipped 1798-55701 accustom marine $50.00 shipped...