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    Turbo oil feed

    looking for a good flexible style turbo oil feed line
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    20 bolt oil pan & fuel lines

    looking for a good oil pan mine has rusted through and now leaking near the bung, I also need the fuel lines that go from the 86/87 fuel rail to the frame. Thanks in advance
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    1st time head replacement

    Coolant coming out the exhaust not mixing with oil though. I’m sure this has been beat to death but I’m getting ready to replace my heads, I’m thinking the ported irons are good enough for my build, hopefully I’m not opening a can of worms and the block & bottom end is all good. What I’m...
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    Turbo feed line

    after searching this topic I found many different suggestions. Just wanted a simple way to make my own turbo feed line seems like I can get what I need locally in town. Only problem is I don’t know what I need. 1. Fittings 2. Length of line & type Thanks for all info
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    Passenger side manifold

    looking for a good turbo side exhaust manifold, mine has seen better days. Leave a pic and your PayPal info if possible. Thanks
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    Lean condition

    My o2 reading at idle is 389-550 @idle the car runs ok but the smoke from the tailpipes is embarrassing. Vac lines good, breathers on valve covers, new ta/49 , new 60# injectors I'm not sure what could be causing the smoke at this point I'm ready to pull the motor again. Thanks for any input O2...
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    86/87 air dams

    looking for a decent pair don't have to be super perfect but at least paintable. Thanks in advance
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    Rjc Downpipe

    Im upgrading to the water cooled Ta49 and Im looking for a rjc dp with oversized puck. I'm in California so 3" Dia is more than enough for smog purposes. Thanks in advance.
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    Looking for turbo

    my stocker blew a while back, I'm looking for a good stock or a te44 / Ta49.
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    Charcoal canister , bumper fillers

    I have a buddy that needs a few parts for his GN like the title says. Evap canister and all associated parts like the egr solenoid. I need to look at his car to see if the egr is even there. He also needs a set of bumper fillers obviously . Thanks in advance
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    86/87 maf new

    I have 2 good stock mafs 1 is new Asking $75 for the new one and $50 for the other I also have the stock 84/85 maf $25 shipping not included
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    Hot air parts

    I figured I'd post this here, HA parts get no love in the for sale section. Hopefully something here can help someone. I have a good coil and ignition module & bracket $50 2 power steering pumps $25 Stock intake $50 Throttle body $25 2 86/87maf sensors 1 new $25&$75 38# injectors & TT 5.7chip...
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    Power steering lines

    I need the pressure lines for the ps pump in the photo they are numbered 4&5
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    Stock turbo needed

    like the title states I'm looking for a decent turbo, something to replace this
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    Turbo oil leak

    Is this a sign of a bad turbo? Or do I have a pcv issue/ breather tube/crankcase pressure causing a little Oil to seep through the turbo at the exhaust elbow housing. I have a bad exhaust leak at the crossover pipe and I'm getting white smoke out the tail pipes at idle not sure if the exhaust...
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    Fuel pump priming but no rail pressure

    Finally got my ic conversion done, got it to fire up and run, then I noticed a fuel leak up front near the frame I immediately turned the car off cleaned up the mess. Now that I have it all fixed I'm not getting fuel to the rail although the fuel pump is coming on I'm not getting gas up to the...
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    84-85 vs 86-87 catalytic converter

    Thanks for your time first off. My question is about the cat size. I have a HA that I converterted to IC. Are the cat converters the same diameter or is the 84-85 larger where the Dp won't slide over the cat pipe. If they're the same I'm going to cut the ring off the end where the Dp and cat...
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    Conversion b4 & After

    After years of planning and deciding what direction to go with my GN. I finally decided to do the IC conversion,:eek: the only real reason for me was the aftermarket part availability = go faster easier = cheaper & less headache. For anyone thinking of doing this here's a few pics and a couple...
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    86-87 stock downpipe

    the final part for my conversion, I'm looking for a stock Dp uncut so I can have it customized to bolt up to my 85 cat converter. I'm thinking I can cut the flange off my 85 dp weld it up to the 87 dp and I can finally finish my project. Thanks for your time.
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    Hot air parts

    I remember getting my ha running & looking for parts was a real pain and pretty pricey. I recently did the conversion to IC hopefully this helps someone out. I have a good stock turbo, tb, intake, AC lines, compressor,stock exhaust,maf,ecm,coil&ignition module,throttle cable,detent cable...