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    Military Rules By Service

    Military Rules By Service : Marine Corps Rules: 1. Be courteous to everyone, friendly to no one. 2. Decide to be aggressive enough, quickly enough. 3. Have a plan. 4. Have a back-up plan, because the first one probably won’t work. 5. Be polite. Be professional. But, have a plan to kill...
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    The Man exam- homo or no?

    'Am I Queer?' Self Examination For Men 1. If you are over forty, and you have a washboard stomach, you are gay. It means you haven't sucked back enough beer with the boys and have spent the rest of your free time doing sit-ups, aerobics, and doing the Oprah diet. 2. If you have a cat, you are...
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    so, what drama did I miss?

    This place is like crack- the first one's free, and then you just can't stop:D So, what's been happening 'round here?
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    Cam sensors

    $90 shipped- paypal is fine.
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    Guitar great Jeff Healey dies of cancer

    Would have been a great show to see:frown: The Canadian Press: Despite long battle with cancer, Jeff Healey's death still shocking, bandmate
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    Raffle for 2 Nintendo Wii game consoles w/ Sports Bundle- proceeds go to charity!!

    Fischer House is a national Organization that assists military families in times of medical need- something like The Ronald McDonald houses. My company supports them, and we'd like your help. We're raffling off 2 new Wii game consoles with the sports bundle. This raffle is exclusive for...
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    New cam sensors $100 shipped

    That about says it.:D Yes, it's complete and not just the cap....
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    Parts new and used

    NEW/NOS 1) 10 cam sensors (complete assembly) $115 each shipped 2) 1 B&M Unimatic automatic floor shifter $75 shipped 3) steel OE spec timing set (gears and chain) $30 shipped 4) new 200-R4 shifter detent plate $20 shipped 5) Doghouse gasket $5 shipped 6) 2 new rear drums and 2 new rear...
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    3 new cam sensors

    $125 shipped
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    Emblems, knock gauge, cam sensor/tool, and more!

    Cleaning the garage- parts a plenty! Let me know what you need....... NEW/NOS 1) 2 NOS "3.8 SFI TURBO" emblems (w/blue backing tape) $30 each + ship 2) 1 B&M Unimatic automatic floor shifter $75 shipped 3) 1 cam sensor assembly $94 shipped 4) Casper's cam sensor tool $30 shipped 5) NOS...
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    Pearl Harbor day today...

    66 years ago today.....take a minute to think about that- then go thank a vet. Kinda pisses me off that not too many folks take the time to remember that day. Not a political rant, just a patriotic one..... Enjoy!
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    Wife's new drivin' toy!!

    1997 BMW 540i Sport- 300hp 4.4l V-8, 6 speed manual, goes like stink:D She's a 1 owner car- 97k miles, and drives and smells like new!
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    Turbo, DS loop, chrome turbo shield. stock headers w/crossover

    PT-54 turbo; Was gone thru by Precision in May of 2004, and was recently removed to install a T-66 BB. No drama, just bolt on and go- it does like a 3200-3400 stall converter. $500 shipped. Brand new Metco DS loop for GN/T- $50 shipped. Chrome turbo shield for TH downpipe- $75 shipped...
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    PT-54 turbo, Walbro fuel pump, GN rear end

    Nothing's set in stone........ PT-54 turbo; was gone thru by Precision in May of 2004, and was recently removed to install a T-66 BB. No drama, just bolt on and go- it does like a 3200-3400 stall converter. $500 Walbro 340 fuel pump- new in box, with sock wiring, and tank seal. $80 G80...
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    G80 code GN rear- drum to drum

    Ready to bolt in. $850/best offer + shipping.
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    Swedish guitar freak!

    He's on Steve Vai's Favored Nations label- very original! Interesting note- he only uses a guitar, amp, and a cheap distortion pedal- nothing else! YouTube - Mattias Eklundh - Freak Guitar Demo
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    My new grandson!

    Hey, all! God, I missed all you misfits! Meet the new grandson- Landon Blaine, born August 29th, 8 lbs, 4 oz. It's been a heck of a ride- my daughter had some pretty bad complications in the weeks before the birth, then the baby went into respiratory distress immediately after birth, THEN...
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    '87 GN and '87 Limited for sale (with spare engine and trans)

    Hate to do it, but I need the funds to grow a business..... Car #1 is my 1987 GN with astroroof (moonroof) 150k on the chassis, about 5k on the engine. Under the hood: mildly ported heads, 214/214 roller cam, new T-66 ball bearing turbo, Terry Houston 3" down pipe, turbo saver remote oil...
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    TH dp and turbo for sale

    3" TH dp for stock headers, with test pipe (pipe has cutout)- $340 + ship PT-54 turbo- $600 shipped.
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    Just got the new hairdryer

    Turbonetics T-66 BB- the thing is a monster! Off to the garage to take off the PT-54 (for sale, in case anybody wants a great turbo!), and install this new hotness! Test and tune on Friday......... Pics later!