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    Some GMP diecast for sale

    Gotta let them go. Need some cash. 86 Drag GN - $70 White X-Ray GNX $70
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    ATR 160 thermostat

    Still brand new. Just had it as a spare when I had my GN. I have no use for it so might as well sell it to someone with a TR/GN! Make me an offer! Thanks!
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    87 GN drag car

    Looking for a GN drag car. I'm guessing these are sold out now. Anyone selling?
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    Steadfast Collar missing part

    I bought one of these a long while ago from a group purchase started by JadeMonkeyStang. When I received the collar I didn't open it yet. Since I had to sell my GN 2 months later I also sold the collar. The person who I sent it to said it was missing the side cover that goes on the ignition...
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    4th gear not locking up

    Sometimes the trans will lockup at 48mph in 4th gear. But then it will unlock again at 60 mph. Sometimes it will not lockup at all after it has shifted into 4th gear. The thing is I think its the chip. This locking and unlocking happens with a chip I got from eric marshall. When I put in my...
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    BFG dealer in NJ

    Anyone in NJ know where I can find a BFG dealer so I can exchange my tire I purchased from Summit. Damn thing was defective because it had a bulge on the sidewall and you could hear air coming out. Good thing I made it home. Anyway I looked at the phone books and had no luck.
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    Need to buy a tire

    Last monday I got a flat tire while cruising on the highway. The tire just gave out(not an instant blow) and I could feel the front DS getting lower. Good thing it wasn't snowing! Anyway, I need to order a BF Goodrich Radial T/A tire size 225/60. I need a tire ASAP so I don't know if I...
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    wiper chatter

    I have been driving my car in the rain for a while and the wipers chatter and its really annoying. I have the new Bosch excel blades too and they are fairly new because they don't get much use. ANy solutions to an annoying problem?
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    partial throtte knock in 4th gear

    this just started happening recently(last week). When I'm cruising at say 65 mph with the tc locked up and apply some gas I see the knock gauge go off. What can I check first? I already checked EGR and its working properly.
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    turbotweak chip and lockup

    Does anyone have problems with locking up in 4th gear with this chip? Sometimes mine locks up at 51 mph. Sometimes at 60 mph. Sometimes it will stay locked up and when I slow down it will unlock.
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    Anyone get their steadfast collar yet?

    From the group purchase that is. Jademonkeystang was the one that set it up right? Haven't got mine yet:(
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    Where can I get coveralls?

    I am going to a Halloween party next friday and going to dress up as Michael Myers the serial killer in those Halloween movies. I am looking for coveralls. I found one on the Sears website but when I went to the store they didn't have it. Anyone know a place I can get one of these? Isn't...
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    converter locking and unlocking

    Recently my TC isn't locking up when it should be. My car shifts to 4th and locks up at 50 mph. Today I was cruising at 70 mph with the converter unlocked because it was around 2000-2100 rpm. Could it be something wrong with the TCC solenoid? Or maybe the switch at the brake pedal isn't...
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    alky chip injector duty cycle

    I have a turbotweak alky chip that has 70% duty cycle at WOT. What is yours set at? Is 70% too lean?
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    laptop problem

    I have an old gateway laptop with WIN95 on it. It has Directscan on it already installed. When the laptop boots up it will pass the POST and memory tests then a message appears that says: Floppy disk fault - insert valid boot disk and press enter to continue I haven't started the laptop...
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    My first kill!

    Happened to be against a chevelle. Real clean and sounded real loud too. So I'm at a small road about to make a right and he is right behind me revving. Good thing I got the dumper open. Soon as I made the right at the light I didn't get on it yet.....was cruising at 35 and I see him in my...
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    Need help tuning again

    Currently I been running 22 lbs. in 1st and 2nd gear and 21 in 3rd and 4th. From a roll of say 50 mph I don't get knock when I mash on it. Car feels good. Its been happening from a stop now. Car feels really strong at 22 lbs. at the low end and I always get tire spin with my street radials...
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    Ramchargers wastegate solenoid Y-cord

    it says on the site that you can use this with a BSTC unit(which I happen to have) and have a larger range of boost control. How does this thing hook up? Do I need two WG solenoids for it?
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    Removing x over pipe

    I want to remove the crossover pipe to check for carbon tracks indicating and exhaust leak. What size are the bolts? Any special tools I'll need?
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    exhaust cutout(dumper facing towards ground)

    Anyone who has the dumper at the end of the dp that faces toward the you have clearance problems with speed bumps? I recently had a jersey dumper installed and been having clearance problems with speed bumps. I guess its only the really steep bumps where one of the studs on the...