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    109 block ,crank,2 dot rods,balancer,flexplate,oilpan and pickup tube

    I am needing prices for the following shipped to 59725. Standard 109 block... Standard turbo crankshaft 6 2 dot rods Oil pan Oil pickup tube Balancer Flexplate Set of 86-87 burgundy seats with manual tracks. All parts need to be in excellent condition. Thanks.
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    Ported Irons

    I have a set of ported stock heads. The port work was done by VPE. I have put about 3k miles on them. They have been checked out and cleaned at the machine shop. $600 shipped. They have beehive springs that are for roller cams. Thanks.
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    I posted a want ad for an actuator for a TE series turbo and gn4u2c said he had one and I bought it. After quite a few days it shows up. I opened the box days later when I was going to put it on and find out it is for a stock appearing turbo. I pm him something to the effect of you jerked...
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    Stock parts and others

    Stock gm 20 bolt timing cover with new neoprene seal and new booster plate and yellow spring. Gears may be new as well. $80 shipped Water pump and new gasketand pulley bolts installed but not used $25 shipped Double roller timing chain installed but never fired. $30 shipped Aftermarket 20/14...
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    Pair of BFG 215 65 15

    Pair of BFGoodrich Premier touring 215 65 15s with about 100 miles on them. $150 shipped.
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    Morel Roller Lifters and 4130 pushrods

    Morel roller lifters with about 3k on them $210 shipped. 5/16 x .083 x 7.990 4130 pushrods with about 3k on them $60 shipped. Package $250 shipped.
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    Rev x cam kit 210/215 and T&D 1.65 roller rockers

    Used Rev x cam kit 210/215 roller cam with 3k miles on it. Comp roller lifters(came with the kit) about 300 miles . Pushrods that came with the kit and the cam button $525 shipped. Used T&D roller rockers 1.65 ratio for $365shipped. $850 package. I do have a set of roller valve springs I will...
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    Wanted..standard adjustable actuator for te series turbo

    I need the standard not the hd. Shawn
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    Like new 70mm plenum and RJC airflow plate $150 shipped

    Like new 70mm plenum and airflow distribution plate form RJC. $150 shipped
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    Translator and Lt1 maf 6.2

    Used translator v 6.2 and used lt1 maf. The lid has been overtightened and has a little black silicone on the corners. Both are in good working condition. $200 money order or $206 Pay Pal
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    Powerlogger with ecm,cables $275 shipped

    The powerlogger works good. I am including the part of the kickpanel the ecm goes into as the modifications have already been done. GN grey. $275 shipped. Pay pal add 3%
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    86-87 T wheels

    Set of 4 t wheels that are in good condition. Two of them have a small mark on the lip. $250 plus shipping. Tires not included.
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    1987 BuickGn for trade

    I have an 87 grand national that I am interested in trading. Looking for 2000-06 Z06. Can be up or down but NO high milage! My car is clean and just turned 60k. Lots of money invested. Car is located in southwest Montana and the closer the better.. If interested in details email me or pm me...
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    Comp cams roller lifters

    I have a set of comp hydraulic roller lifters with about 400 miles on them. They were changed out when the motor was pulled for a leaking girdle and replaced with Morels....didn't make a difference. $160 shipped.
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    Hot air engine parts

    Used hot air engine parts. Make an offer on all or part. 2 sets metal heater lines 2 aluminum acc. brackets 2 coilkpack ign module assemblies with brackts 2 sets of pulleys 2 sets of stock injectors alternator metal vacuum lines large metal bracket for pass side by valve cover...
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    87 gn upper door panels and rear inserts

    Pair of used 87 gn door panels and rear inserts. The door panels come as shown. The top of the driver side is fading and is wore. They need a good cleaning. The rear inserts are nice. $250 shipped
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    Aluminum drums,vacuum lines,tensioner etc

    Pair of aluminum drums $100 shipped Vacuume lines with vac block $65 shipped tensioner $75 shipped Harmonic balancer $75 shipped 20 bolt front cover $75 shipped High volume oil pump $40 shipped Waterpump pulley $20 shipped Intercooler shroud $45 shipped
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    maf pipes boost gauge filters breathers

    black aluminum maf pipe with hoses $45 shipped chrome maf pipe $45 shipped orange hoses $20 shipped 2/58 boost gauge with cup and mounting bracket $45 shipped 8" air filter $35 shipped 14" filter with air temp sensor $35 shipped oil fill breather (left) $28 shipped set of valve cover...
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    Gn taillights Daily drivers

    Set of used daily drive tail lights. $120 shipped
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    Gn misc parts 1

    Jw performance 200-4r trans rebuild parts kit Trans go shift kit...says 79 up lockup or not...goes with the trans parts either way. Passenger side exhaust manifold with crack shown passenger side exhaust manifold silver stock 86-87 valve covers make offers....I take pay pal