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    NIB Powerlogger

    Gents, I've got a brand NIB powerlogger. No longer have the turbo regal, and need the room in my garage. they're $265 plus shipping new, asking $240 shipped (plus 3% if using paypal). email works best, as i'm not on this Buick forum as much anymore. Thanks for looking. -Talon
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    87 WE4 Columbus OH

    Columbus, OH 43230 It's a 1987, 3.8L turbo v6, T-top Regal. PW, PL, IW, twilight sentinel, posi. 68xxx original miles, I'm the 3rd owner (got it with 51k.) Currently has some mild, bolt-ons, however it was absolutely bone stock when purchased, all mods have been done by me. I have every...
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    GN fuel tank

    I'm looking for a used stock fuel tank and sender/hanger assembly for a 86-7. Outside condition isn't real important as it will be painted, but no leaks and no bad rust please. Prefer it to be close-ish to central OH, but shipping can likely be arranged. lemme know what you got! Thanks, Talon
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    d5 question

    used searches to no avail. what is the approximate slip % of a stock D5 converter in 3rd locked and unlocked?? i'm trying to get a rough estimate of my trap RPM. probably getting a powerlogger this summer so i don't want to buy a tach now, and i don't have a place to put it lol...
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    Fuel system help

    Alright experts, forgive me if this gets windy... drove 3 hrs last night without issue, started and warmed up the brick for about 5 min this morning, then got in to go to work, drove maybe 40 seconds and she died, no hiccups/sputtering just dead. got back this afternoon, pump primed and she...
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    ignition help

    gents, forgive me if this gets long, but i'm gonna try to describe my predicament to the best of my ability via computer. i just installed alky, raised the boost to 23psi and 2 days later my autozone coil starts missing (no surprise) i bought a used but known good delco coil pack/module off...
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    Painting T wheels

    gents, let me start by saying money is tight, which is why powdercoating is out. the logic behind this little project is twofold, 1) stock T wheels are a ROYAL F*$&ING PAIN to keep clean and 2) i have always loved the look of the 84-5 GN wheels :cool: anyway, here's my question: due to my...
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    C6 kill!

    i would like to preface this with some unbiased conjecture. i am almost positive this dude missed a shift, or has never driven a stick before in his life, but more on that to come... so drivin thru town and i see a red c6 on my butt, so naturally i was getting on it a little to see if he'd...
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    12v ignition source?

    if this has been asked before, forgive me, but i couldn't find it via a search.. i have an lc-1 wideband, an a/f gauge, and an electric exhaust cutout that i have recently purchased and i am currently installing them. wiring has never been my forte anyway, so this is a big undertaking for me...
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    hose for dutt neck

    gents, i recently purchased a dutt neck intercooler but didn't get a 2.5"-2" rubber hose for the stock turbo outlet. was wondering if anyone had one they were looking to part with at a reasonable price. please pm me if you have anything. thanks a lot, Talon
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    Good Powermaster

    gents, i took this unit off my 58xxx mile WE4 because i converted to hydroboost. the unit worked fine when it was removed, only problem i can think of is the p/m motor was definitely louder than it should be. brakes worked fine though, never had any problems and because i went h/b, i didn't...
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    Hydroboost help please

    Gents, i just recently swapped my sourmaster over to hydroboost. got the remanned h/b, master cylinder, and ps lines from autozone for an 84 gn. (yes the factory 84-5 lines worked just fine with a little persuasion) heres the problem: my p/s pump is LOUD!!!! even at idle and gets ungodly...
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    Powermaster help

    Hi guys, i have always been able to hear my powermaster motor come on when i hit the brakes. but as of last night, out of the blue, the motor got MUCH louder, like 3 or 4 times louder, and it sounds like its straining. i don't have any issues with brake performance (knock on wood) and the...
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    Need some help.

    ok guys, this is probably going to be lengthy so i apologize in advance. here goes... i bought my bone stock 87 we4 in 4/08. 6/08 i ran it at the local track (still bone freakin stock) with a best time of 14.500 at 95, with a 2.25 60' (track sucks lol) fast forward to last night. same...
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    PTS Xtreme!! :)

    just installed a PTS shift kit, install was relatively simple, and the customer service was SECOND TO NONE!!! Bruce is an amazing resource for these trannys, always returns your calls, and is very patient with ridiculously dumb questions (ask me how i know ;) ) the tranny shifts awesome, a...
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    running hot

    hi guys, i just put in a new radiator from buickgn, and i have a question. the car runs great and the temps hover around 160 (160 tstat) when i'm driving. but as soon as i park and idle, the temps skyrocket, its gotten to 235 before. my fan comes on at ~165 like it should, i have plenty of...
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    cant get &*$^ shifter out of park!?!?!

    ok guys, still working on this valve body thing. long story short, shift kit installed correctly now, but i can't get the damn thing out of park. i called Bruce at PTS and he has been more than helpful up to this point, but i feel bad calling him 9000 times for my stupid problems. lol. ok...
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    what did i do?

    ok guys, need some expert advice here. i just finished up putting in a pts shift kit, followed the instructions to a T, i'm positive i did all the valve body mods correctly and nearly 100% positive i put it all back together correctly. also installed a new tcc solenoid. so i added 3 qts...
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    torque specs?

    i realize this should be in the trans section, but i figured i'd get a quicker response here. does anyone know the torque specs on the valve body bolts? and the tranny pan bolts? also one other question, can i use a tranny filter from autozone, or did you guys get a genuine ac...
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    shift kit install help

    hi, i bought a pts shift kit from bruce, and so far it been pretty simple. i was wondering if anyone had any tips for holding the little check balls up in the trans while i put the plate on. i have to hold 6 little balls up there and then install a gasket/plate over top. kinda tough. lol...