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    What's up???

    Wow, I can believe that! lol
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    What's up???

    What's shaking guys? Any of the old gang left on here? The only one I see active is STH Chuck.
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    FYI...2013 Shelby GT 500 goes 10.02 @ 142MPH with bolt ons only!

    Hmm, a $60,000+ 9 second street car.
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    Need help with Kirban steering column lock...

    Thanks for the replies guys. Here is a picture of what it looks like . I got a PM about a idea to try to get it off(Thnaks...
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    Need help with Kirban steering column lock...

    Long story short I finally got ambition to get Old Reliable going again. After a year and half of sitting the keys are missing now. It has a red Kirban steering column lock on it. Does anyone know how to get one of these off with out completely destroying it? Thanks,
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    Anyone not running a Cat Hanger?

    I haven't ran on in years. Ever since I wentwill with athe single shot. I did have a problem with the mid pipe slowly working its way down. But I put new band clamps on and haven't had a problem since.
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    Turbo 400 driveshaft length

    What is the length of a driveshaft for a Turbo 400 conversion? I remember it's in the neighborhood of 50". Does anyone know the exact length? Thanks,
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    Any ideas on train horn installation?

    Damn, they do sell the real ones. It always makes me laugh when truckers say they have real train horns. Then when you look at them they are plastic or some junk chrome ones. The ones my company sells to MTAs are Nathan. They are the big old cast aluminum ones. Normally the ones I see go out the...
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    Welcome Bison, The New Tech Mod!

    Congrats on your new "job"!!! Lord knows he has helped me more than once!!!:D
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    Vintage BMX "HARO GROUP 1"

    Sweet Group 1. I almost bought one a couple of months ago.
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    NJ Guys

    Go to the MAGNA board Mid Atlantic Grand National Association (MAGNA) - I'm sure you will find somebody that could help you.
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    Mickey Thompson ET Street Radial Tires

    I've ran 275/60/15 tires for many years. In all honesty if you can't get them to hook you really need to reevaluate your front and rear suspension. People are running stupid fast with that size. :cool: :D
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    Anyone from MAGNA know these cars???

    It's on the other website Mid Atlantic Grand National Association (MAGNA) - :D
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    How to change a TTA fuel pump in 30 minutes or less

    Yes Dickweed, you are a dick. I’m pretty sure that Scott did not come on here for your permission or approval to “hack” his car up. He came up with a creative solution to fix his TTA. And he thought he would share his information. Last I checked he did not ask for your opinion, nor does he care...
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    Android Apps!

    I just got my second new Droid 2 last night. One of the keys on the keypad tore on my original one. So they gave me a Droid 2 Global because the original is already discontinued the Droid 2. The only apps I really have used so far is eBay and Google maps. The eBay app pisses me off because it is...
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    Combo for mid to low tens(sticky?)

    Here was my combination. It went a couple of 10.3X with the best of 10.35@131 with a 1.57 60 foot.:D The only nothing exotic thing was a sequential FAST. You can throw money at one to make it go into the 10s. But if you pick the right parts in the right areas, it doesn't need to expensive. My...
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    Your First car you bought out of High School

    My "Redneck" truck. It was a 1986 Chevy K10 shortbed with 4" of lift. It had a cammed 305, 4 speed, and 4:10s. It took forever but I blew the 305 and put a 350/300. Everyone used to ask if it was I was a cop in it because it had Trailblazer light bar on the roll bar. It had 6 lights forward, 3...
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    How to wire a Two Step and a Transbrake?

    Cool thanks for the link.
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    How to wire a Two Step and a Transbrake?

    That was my game plan. But TurboBob says the two should be used with a relay so the 2 Step doesn't get a voltage surge when the brake is released. I was always told a relay doesn't release fast enough. Has anyone wired them direct with good results?
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    How to wire a Two Step and a Transbrake?

    Has anyone here wired up a Two Step and a transbrake on a relay yet? I need to do it tomorrow night and could use some Cliffnotes. My transbrake currently is wired direct. Thanks,