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    Roller Wanted .... WesternTN/WesternKY

    yeah. wanting something close. and not quite that $. a Regal Limited body would do me fine. thanks for reply.
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    Roller Wanted .... WesternTN/WesternKY

    Well after all the work my 87 Limited Turbo is junk. wrecked it a month or so back, bent frame and roof has a buckle in it. So i'm looking for cheapest possible 84-87 roller to swap too. doesn't need to be much for the eyes. just as rust free as possible and good title. i have an extra complete...
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    Turbo identification need help.

    ok i showed pics to Gerry Drummond over at G-Pop Shop and he says it is the factory upgrade turbo...... a TB0348
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    Turbo identification need help.

    ok. my only means of measuring is a tape measure. i turned the wheels sideways on the table in front of tape measure to get the most accurate measurements. then used an inches to mm app to convert. for shorter blade measurements i moved wheels off edge of table so blades rested on table...
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    Turbo identification need help.

    do i measure the width of the circular base or the blade width ?
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    Turbo identification need help.

    well the numbers on the inlet bell is a GM part # 25525340 for '84 stock turbo. right above that number is the number 86 with lines going out from it in all directions. is it possible this is just a stock turbo ?
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    Turbo identification need help.

    been sitting for 2 years i've owned it....idk how long before lol
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    Turbo identification need help.

    Maybe these pics will help.....the center section spins freely. Didnt notice any broken fins on either side is AR 63. Other side is AR 60.
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    Turbo identification need help.

    I traded for this turbo and was told it was a TA49. Can someone confirm this by pics and also point me in the direction of a rebuild kit. I wanna replace my stock turbo with this one. --Thanks Ron
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    WTB Tensioner

    thanks for the pm's and replies. i'm now good.
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    WTB Tensioner

    Belt tensioner is shot and can't find one online for less than 275.00.... I have paypal ready.
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    where are you located ? i have a set that came with a Regal i bought and didnt need them but i'm...

    where are you located ? i have a set that came with a Regal i bought and didnt need them but i'm not big on shipping them. fronts are NOS, rears seem to be plastic.
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    did you find any bumper fillers ?

    did you find any bumper fillers ?
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    Ignition power when key is off

    ok. got my turbo regal [87] back together and as soon as you connect the battery the buzzer comes on, the volt light on, check engine light on, rpm and boost gauge [factory] are lit up but key is off. the car will crank and run fine but wont shut off because ignition has power all the time. i...
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    In need of some bolts and misc...

    Well i lost my job during my rebuild and now a little over a year later ive got things back to where i can finish. But some bolts have been misplaced and need to find them along with a few other misc things. i have paypal but will be thursday before i can make the payment. but i'm looking for...
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    Help setting cam sensor

    No meters aren't that hard to read these days. when i was researching how to install and set the cam sensor i just realized there had to be an easier way than having to use any tools. as was stated in an earlier post. there had to be an easy fast way on the line when these motors were being...
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    Looking for 84-87 Ttype's GN's Turbo T's

    i have a friend who's brother has an 84 in Cleveland, TN . It has the Lear Siegler interior [power drivers seat]. 109k miles. i haven't seen it in person but have seen pictures [i have them on my pc] paint is a little rough but interior looks awesome from the pics. It also has sunroof. He has...
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    help with dash harness wiring....

    i have these plugs left hanging around fuse block. i know the 2 single wire plugs go to fuse block but not sure what they are so don't know where to plug them in at. the other plugs [i marked them in pics with white dots] are alone with no matching place to plug them up. am i correct in assuming...
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    front filler numbers....

    i bought an 87 limited with new never installed front and rear fillers laying in the back seat. it had been so long since the guy bought them he couldn't remember how long he had had them or where he even got them at. i'm wondering if they fronts are NOS. they look like the ones i see being sold...