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    Local Parts for sale.

    I am located in the Independence area and I have some GN stuff for sale and I just thought that I would give someone local first chance on them if any one is interested. Please contact me at (816) 519-4815 if you have any questions or anything like that. My name is Dave. Thanks for looking.
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    Rear Seat

    I am still in search for a GN rear seat. Must be in good shape and a decent price. Please send pics to
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    This is one great person to deal with. Kept in contact. Was honest and willing to work out a deal. I would buy from him in the future.
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    I did busniess with this man yesterday and he was a stand up guy. Really honest and helpful. I would buy from this man again. He went out of his way to help and make the purchase go good.
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    Rob Paul

    Did busniess with this man and everything went really good. Was real professional. Package was wrapped really well and all. He was quick on his ship time. Would do busniess with him again.
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    T Spool

    Just letting everyone know that T Spool is a great person to deal with. I bought some parts from him and they came in better than he described them to be. Was packaged nicely and everything. I did like how he kept in contact through the whole thing to make sure everything was going ok. I would...
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    Looking for GN rear seat

    I am looking for both upper and lower rear seat from a GN. Must be in good shape and a reasonable price. Thank you. You can email me at Thank you again