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    Wtb ESP front mount and inj chip combo

    Looking to buy a eastern performance front mount with the piping and a set of 60 lb inj chip combo. Pm me what you have Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    WTB Kenne Bell Dr Air Dam

    Hey, Guys looking for a drivers side Kenne Bell Air dam, I do not need any of the piping just the dam
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    Cutlass console?

    I couldnt find anything in search so here it goes. I am going to install lightning rods in my gn, can I just bolt in a hurst olds console? like the fact that its close to our but has a console riser built in. I know its a stupid question but I figured I wanted to be 100% sure
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    Ls7 Maf?? Translator

    Will a translator work with a ls7 card style maf? Just trying to plan out my future mods and plan on running a 4 pipe to the turbo. Would a 5pin to 3 pin harness need to be used?
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    The cartoon is on now funny as all hell. Love how that dude driving the Gn is australian
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    Greddy Bov

    Looks for a Greddy bov for my Typhoon, mine took a crap on me please let me know what you have. I have some nice Gn parts to trade
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    Getting my Ty on Saturday!

    I am picking up a 93 typhoon, black on black. The truck is pretty much stock and I am trying to keep it as stock as possible.( Doubt IT!) I allready ordered a set of pwr window motor b/c both of them are shot. It was time to replace my winter truck so I figured why not pick up a ty, prices are...
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    Scanmaster numbers

    Af 05 l8 37 bat 14.0 int 128 bl 135 mph 00 clt 151 ats 78 r 825 tps .46 iac 02 cc 38 mal 06 How do these look
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    Looking at a ty today

    Hey guys going to look at a 93 ty, any thing to look for aka problem areas? Its got 130k on it just looking for a bad weather cruiser and something to have fun in the snow with. My 91 2500 is on its way out so I am going to need to replace it. Any help will be appreciated
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    Alpine 1.5 din Radio

    WTB Alpine 1.5 din radio, let me know what you have. Thanks
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    Lightning rods Rebuild?

    Hey guys, I just scooped up a set of lightning rods. I would like to have them rebiult, where can I get them done and what do you guys think it will cost. Also I need to either pick up one ball or get a set. Thanks Rob
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    Rebuild ?

    I have a ta 49 that has zero shaft play. but the impeller blades have a few nicks on the top but no where else. should I just run the turbo or have it rebuilt. Pics comming asap
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    Pedal powered regal

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    Why paint NOS fillers like this

    Ok so I bought a bunch of GN parts from a friend of mine. I literally fill the back of my old tbss. Then he calls me back saying that he found a rear bumper and a set of nos rear fillers. Obviously I was trying to hold it in. But I just looked at them being in a box not the nos ones. They are...
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    What exactly needs to be done for ls1 brakes?

    Ok so i have been going over the brake setup for hours. the rears seem pretty straight forward. I am going to be on a quest to locate the parts. My question is up front, i need to modify the spindel? Are there spindels allready pre modded or what? And i would also just need the caliper bracket...
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    Project Nonova

    Well its time for me to get my 74 gto back on the road. This is the first car that I bought and drove to high school. Its undergoing a full frame(subframe) off resto. I shaved the markers off the front fenders and I going for handling with is car. Plans include a new repro subframe, tubular...
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    gn vs vette

    YouTube - Buick vs Vette bored at work and found this
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    The regal of my dreams

    Buick : Regal: eBay Motors (item 170537405822 end time Sep-14-10 12:15:16 PDT) 40k what is this guy smoking?????? buy it now 100k
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    Vendors step in Looking for a bunch of parts

    Looking to buy a large sum of parts to buy as a package deal. Need the following parts: -Hr parts n stuff: -Motor mounts, trans mount and crossmember mount, plus the allen socket -3 in exhaust cut out -scanmaster 2.1 -Accufab fuel press reg -coolant overflow gm -washer fluid bottle...
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    GnX spec wheels on gn

    Will the wheels stick out or do you really need flares