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  1. Antbankstwo3

    What's with only being able to view one picture at a time all of a sudden?

    Up for sale is my Cyberdyne Digital Dash. I have owned it for about 3 years and It has been great and pretty cool I must say. I have never seen another TR in my area with one like it. Everyone always asks about it when they see it. I purchased it hear from a board member. I have since upgraded...
  2. Antbankstwo3

    Powermaster brake switch only used for testing

    Needing advice! I’ve been chasing the infamous intermittent blue-ish/white smoke. It’s random, sometimes on start-up, sometimes at idle, sometimes nothing at all for a few days. Recently, I just went on a 90 minute drive and it ran well. When I got home, shut it off for about 10 minutes, then...
  3. Antbankstwo3

    WOW!! Glad it's back & so am I.

    Been in hibernation for a long time. Other projects, work, life etc... Finally got a chance to get the “T” back up running and on the road again! MAN, she feels good to drive again! Nothing like a TB. Hope all of you are well and staying safe!
  4. Antbankstwo3

    Accumulator & AC Lines Frozen

    I’m redoing my AC System. Everything is new except Evaporator, but I did flush it. I’m seeing my Accumulator and Lines freeze up like ice. Any reason why it might do this?
  5. Antbankstwo3 Feature for Car Craft Magazine

    HI ALL! This isn’t Turbo V6 related (although I did mentioned I have a Turbo Regal in this article).:cool: My other car I made a “Sleeper” finally had its article published on titled “Fullsize Flyer.” I did the shoot back in October of 2018. It’s to be feature in Car Craft Magazines...
  6. Antbankstwo3

    Fuel Issue! Sometimes NO START! Need advice.

    So I have searched the past threads and haven’t really found my particular issue, but I’ve read some good troubleshooting tips. Here’s what’s happening: Sometimes it will start right up sometimes it won’t start all all. When it’s cranking sometimes it will NOT register any fuel pressure on my...
  7. Antbankstwo3

    My car is being featured in CAR CRAFT MAGAZINE!

    So crazy serious of events have happened his summer with my Caprice. First off, it’s been a great summer at the shows. People absolutely love the total sleeper look and love the build. It’s won it’s fair share of awards for sure. At the last show of the year (for me), I was standing off to the...
  8. Antbankstwo3

    WTB: “Turbo T” or “T” Front license plate & Burgundy Gear Shift Handle.

    As title states - Looking for these 2 items. Would like them both in really good shape. Thanks and message me anytime. Message me if needed. Thanks!
  9. Antbankstwo3

    Weird shifting. Any advice...? First few drives of the year.

    I have been trying to chase down this weird shift on my car. I start to notice it coming off the freeway - it seems to down shift a little harder than normal coming to a stop. Where it’s REALLY noticeable is when I start to drive again it shifts fine between 1st & 2nd BUT between 2nd & 3rd the...
  10. Antbankstwo3


    In the process of moving, so trying to lighten my load of packing things with me. Brand new MAF Translator. Never used. Still in package. $185 shipped. I also have an extra two extra MAF sensors - LT1 and LS1. It's not pictured, but I can get you a photo if interested as it's pack away in the...
  11. Antbankstwo3

    A/C Question: Leaking behind Compressor

    I typically don't use my AC. But we get occasional days where it's hot for us here (like today). I went to turn it on and warm air was blowing & clutch wasn't engaging. Check the system it was empty. I used it last summer several times so I just initially thought it needed a recharge. So I...
  12. Antbankstwo3

    Need advice for best way to really clean-up stock TTYPE wheels!

    I'm wanting to clean these wheels up and bring a "shine" back to them. Any suggestions other than water and soap? Thanks in advance!
  13. Antbankstwo3

    Looking for 4.8 Flat Top Pistons - Gen lll

    As title says, looking for 4.8 Flat Top Pistons I can use in a stock bore Gen lll Vortec. Not sure if this is right place to post but thought I'd start here before I went to purchase new.
  14. Antbankstwo3

    Cam Bearings! Should I replace?

    This is my first time diagnosing a set cam bearings in the block. So I'm not 100% sure what would be considered bad or replaceable? I've never had to replace them so I wanted some advice before I started to reassemble. Most of them show very light wear with the front showing the most. I only...
  15. Antbankstwo3

    Another LS Swap in the mix! '78 Caprice Classic - ProCHARGER Comin' Soon!

    What up TB fam! So late last year I purchased a 1978 Caprice Classic (rare rear window) from an older lady who was the original owner. It has only 83k miles on it. She had every receipt of things done to car.(y) It's in excellent condition. It came with a 305 and to be honest it was pretty...
  16. Antbankstwo3

    OPGI GN/TTYPE Parts Catalog - Your thoughts?

    Has anyone seen this yet? I was just browsing and came across Original Parts Group now starting to carry GN, TTYPE and Regal parts now. I didn't look in depth, but I briefly looked at the GN / TTYPE parts and under the "Fuel/Delivery" section they had nothing but overpriced carburetors. No fuel...
  17. Antbankstwo3

    Duplicate Thread - Mod Please Delete

    Some how my original for sale three posted twice. MOD please delete.
  18. Antbankstwo3


    These are both NEW and un-used! Only took out of box/package for photo. Some are still factory sealed. Everything needed is included for install. I decided not to use them and wanted to offer it here first before going elsewhere. Powerlogger (2.2 chip): $230 shipped SOLD! Innovate Digital...
  19. Antbankstwo3

    Classic Auto Insurance. Suggestions?

    I am making a switch from my current carrier (State Farm). I've been having nothing but billing issues with them over the past couple years or so on all my policies. So I'm pulling all my cars out to another carrier after 17 years. I have my TTYPE under their Classic/Antique Policy and only pay...
  20. Antbankstwo3

    Dew Sweeps, Hotchkis Front Sway Bar, Brake Lines, Coil Pack, Gen ll Translator

    I haven't sold anything here in a while so I'm not sure what the going rate is on many of these items since I've only referenced retail pricing. I'm open to offers if anyone is interested. Most of the parts are new (un-used) expect for Sway Bar and Gen ll Translator. Prices include shipping...