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    A bit of family history....

    In search of front lower parking lights wiring harness for 87 gn.
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    Windshield washer sprayers

    I need of both of them for an 87.thanks
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    Ls1 maf

    Ls1 maf got on package deal with translator. running a lt1 maf instead not going to use it. $60.00 shipped paypal preferred
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    Translator and lt1 maf

    Looking for maf translator and maf sensor with no issues
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    No fuel problem

    Having an issue with my fuel system.i have no pump prime and no injectors pulsing. Installed hot wire kit and did a cylinder head swap upgraded to 42lbs injectors and I also had a small fuel fire replaced injector harness. I sprayed starting fluid in it and it fires right up. I also checked all...
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    Scanmaster ??

    I hooked up it up displays for a second or two then nothing.not able to start the car yet waiting on a couple of parts. Is this normal thought I could at least check tps and iac.
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    Vacuum for te44 ?

    Can't find any diagrams of the turbo section ( wastegate, vacuum y ,compressor housing and wastegate solenoid).also map sensor vacuum where does this go to?
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    87 crossover and j bracket needed

    Looking for a stock crossover pipe and turbo j bracket for a good price shipped to 44685.thx
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    upper plenum bolts?

    Anybody know where I can buy these bolts from ?? Looked at highway star and kirbans. Nothing listed.
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    wiring conduit driver side valve cover

    Looking for the hard plastic cover that protects the wiring around the driver side valve cover. Can't seem to find it available through our vendors
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    engine pictures

    Anybody got some close up intake and valve cover pictures? Cars been apart awhile and can't seem to find my pictures. Thx
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    bgc intercooler shroud

    Looking for the plastic shroud for 19 row bowling Green customs intercooler. 330-310-6162
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    intercooler air dam ?

    I purchased a bgc stretched intercooler but I dont have the air dam for the front of it I think its called a slic. Anybody know where I can get one that fits as I know they're out of business .
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    290 block?

    Any info on one its suppose to be 3.8 but ive searched with no results
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    291 block ?

    Any information on this cant find any thing
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    pl scan master xfi ?

    What one do I need ? I have a scan master already . Not really sure what I need to tune this thing and what is the mass translator for .
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    109 block

    Looking for a 109 block in decent shape for rebuild .
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    torque converter question

    I bought a used convertor and cant remember if its a lockup or non lockup will it hurt the trans if I run it cant find any numbers on convertor to research it .
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    86 87 stock parts cheap

    I upgrade some parts on my car and want to get rid of these parts. 1. Stock downpipe $30 2. 86 gn grille. $200 3. Stock turbo minus wastegate $100 4. Stock intercooler $50 5. Stock wastegate elbow $20 All parts are best offer and plus shipping (330)807-8237
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    anybody ever use a hughes convertor

    I found a great deal on a hughes 2500 stall converter its a nonlockup for a $100. Should I pass or grap it.