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    Chrome maf pipe

    Looking for a chrome 3 inch mid pipe. Thanks
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    Screeching after decel

    When I go full throttle and then let off I get a loud screech from engine compartment. In park it doesn't do it. I checked turbo and there is no rubbing or heavy play. Thanks Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    Fast transaction. Sent from my DROID RAZR HD using TurboBuick Mobile mobile app
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    Front aluminum bumper support

    Looking for front aluminum bumper support the one behind bumper not shocks. Thanks Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    Sputtering with ses light flickering

    Cars been running beautiful until yestrrday . When I drive around it round great until I go wot. Currently running 15 psi. No knock, fuel is up to snuff and coil pack and module new gm. When I go wot it sputters and bucks and the check engine light is flickering but pulls no code. Is this an...
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    servo problem!!!! i think!

    Well it started last year I have a full billit tranny built by Janis with all Ck performance parts. My servo always leaked bad and for only a few hundred miles on it the tranny started to get a soft shift. No flare just a weak bump. Went to the track and before the first to second shift it just...
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    rjc racing

    fast shipping!!!
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    two piece valve cover

    It would be nice to have a valve cover with a removable top. For valve train inspection, adjustment or retorque Sent from my SCH-I100 using Turbo Buick
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    lousy first time on new combo

    left at 0 boost and 20 ps1. i left off twice because it was bucking at the second gear shift it was slaming and banging hard still got a 11.66 at 117 with a 1.8 60 foot. please look at logger file and tell me about the knock that i have . still getting that 14.1 issue that i posted before
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    1-2 shift problem

    after 2 years of running perfect i went to the track for the first time with stroker and billit tranny and launched on 0 boost and when i get to the shift point it bangs back and forth hard 5 or 6 times then shifts then shutters down the track. i had a 1.8 60 foot and left off twice and got a...
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    drove car home with alky for 1 mile

    went to give it gas and then the car shut off. tried to start but no fuel pressure here it turns out my taped up oil sending plug shorted out. so i pushed the test button and the car started and stalled. so i pressed while starting and put it in drive while holding test button and drove home. 14...
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    turbo for my setup

    what would you guys recommend for my setup up? i have a cheap budget 6031 from gbody and i think it is hitting backpressure early
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    a/c clutch stopped engaging. no power to green wire to clutch.

    well the ac is charged and no leaks worked for years. now all of a sudden the clutch wont engage. i jumped the low pressure switch and the clutch still wont engage. checked the clutch wire and i have no power to green wire on the clutch. i ran a jumper to the green wire from alternator to the...
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    getting false knock wierd numbers

    i am running 20 psi 23/21 timing and alky on 7. when i nail it at 5 or so mph the car ramps up very quick and i get 14.1 degrees of knock 10.8 a/f then it goes away. why would it show 14.1 every time? is there something wrong with original knock sensor? thanks
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    install gauges in a digital dash

    my dash suck it comes on and off and i hate the look as well. i decided to install a auto meter ultra II speedometer along with boost and fuel level. the speedo in middle and the fuel level and boost in upper corners since i only have a 3 3/8 x 8 inch window. want to keep side idiot lights. what...
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    cant get over 20 psi

    when i had my stroker put together and couldnt get boost down lower than 18 with the wastegate arm just slipped on. so i ported the hole to 1.125 with a 1.375 puck and it seals perfect. when i put back on and went out the boost was at 7psi so i cranked in 1/4 inch and got to 16psi so i put on...
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    high fuel pressure at idle

    working on a 84 olds with a gn drivetrain and put a fuel pressure gauge on it and to my surprise it is 64 psi line on and 71 line off. this is with a stock bosch on there. could there be a restriction in the return line? or did someone really cruck the regulator. he just bought the car and i am...
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    used powermaster core and n/a brake pedal

    i have a working powermaster but the pump continues to run will sale as good core!!! make offer!!!!. also have a brake pedal from a n/a car good for vacuum brakes $30 shipped for pedal
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    new wheels and flares

    got rid of the steel cragers and just got new summit aluminum wheels. 15x7 4 inch bs and 15x10 4.5 bs for rear i am waiting to get 295/55-15's for rear. i think the 10 inch is the way to go and i only have 5 psi in bags.
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    295/55/15 fitment on a 15x8 3.5 BS

    looking at getting these and wonder if they fit on this rim size