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    Gran Turismo 5 car list, Many Buicks!

    If you haven't seen it yet here is the list of every car in the upcoming GranTurismo 5. I can't wait! PS3's Gran Turismo 5 Complete List of Cars - Here is a few I'm sure all of you might enjoy! FASTTRACK PERFORMANCE Buick Grand National Twin Turbo ‘ BUICK Buick...
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    Driving across international borders.

    Next year I am going on a roadtrip up to Winnipeg but I have never driven across the US/Canadian border, what should I expect on each trip? Thanks
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    1966 RHD VW Beetle Ragtop Hoodride

    I'm selling this car to move onto another project, runs and drives but could use some new axles and fulcrum plates. The trans is a brand new unit with hardened gears and a super diff. As i type this it has a leak from the saideplate cover gaskets (my fault from instalation). The engine is a big...
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    My new ride (non-Buick material inside...)

    Well I wasn't planning on getting another beetle, but I fell in love with this one when I saw it. I've noticed that people either hate it or love, mostly the latter though. This is by far the most attention getting car I've ever owned and it is an absolute blast to drive. Hopefully I'll have...
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    Any tips for buying a car from across the country?

    I'm going to be buying a car from the west coast but I've never had a car shipped to me before, whats the best process in dealing with transfering the title etc.? I'm thinking of sending a signed bill of sale first, then overnighting a bank check/ title. Would this be a good Idea, if not how...
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    Anyone live near Frederick, MD? I need your help.

    I found this car for sale and it sounds like it would be perfect DD for me since I've been wanting one for awhile now. The probelm is the pictures and info are very limited and since i live so far away I cannot check it out for myself. I was wondering if there were any members that lived near...
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    Need help proving my Buick's value

    My '86 T type was stolen early this morning and so tommorow i am going to be talking to my insurance agent about making a claim. I am worried that I will be getting a low blow with it though. KBB, Edmunds, they all say the car isn't worth anything, but we all know this isn't true. How can I...
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    MY T Type was stolen, St. Louis MO area...

    Just trying to get the word out, here is the thread with more details on the car.
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    86 T Type WH1 Stolen. St. Louis MO. 6/29/08

    VIN - 1G4GK4774GP429075 MO license plate - 4BA 17H This is the first time I've had a car stolen so im not sure what to do, should I be listing all of the parts that came with it in case of a part out? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. The car was taken from my home in Hazelwood MO so...
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    High Idle and rough in lower rpms ???

    I fired my Buick up a few minutes ago and it was idling a lot higher and a bit rougher than usual. Fuel pressure and vaccuum checked out ok and the CEL was NOT on. I drove it down the road and it seemed to drive as normal, up until about 50mph when it shifted into 4th. While cruising at this...
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    86 T Type WH1 Designer Series

    I don't want to see this car go, but I'm selling the car so I can invest more into starting my own business. The car runs great, and would be great for a project or a daily driver. It has 139K miles on it andI am the 3rd owner. The body is straight, no accidents that i'm aware of (carfax is...
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    WTB: '86 T Type WH1 project car

    Ok, this is a long shot but im looking to start on a complete restoration of an 86 WH1. I'm looking for a T TOP car, preferably with a grey interior, doesnt have to be complete or running, accidents are ok. Let me know if you have one or have seen one around. Thanks! -Jake
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    MAF Translator Pro help!

    My friend just bought a lancer evolution with a maft pro installed, but no instructions were included. How do we use it as a boost controller? He wants to bring the boost down a bit from 29psi
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    Looking for advice with Exhaust Systems

    I am looking at buying a new cat-back system for my Buick and need some help with how they sound. I want a fairly loud, grumbly system that is not too obnoxious for a daily driver. I'm considering the Hooker system, but ive heard that its very quiet, So i'm also looking into TorqueTech's 2.5"...
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    WTB used Alky system

    Im loooking for a fairly cheap alcohol system to be used on my CRX. If you are upgrading to a better system or have a universal setup you want to get rid of for cheap let me know, thanks!
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    Fuel Gauge going screwy

    So my buick's gauge is jumping all over the place, usually going well past the FULL marker. When the car is sitting and idling it reads as normal, but when the engine revs or i start moving the needle goes all over the place. Its not even related to the amount of throttle im giving it (like if i...
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    GN on the show "LIFE"

    Im sitting here browsing the forums with my TV on NBC, when the show LIFE came on. Just a second ago as i was watching; the two police officers walked into a shop filled with a lambo and a few other rides. the male officer gets sidetracked by a car that is being lowered on a lift in the corner...
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    Turbo Buick Toy found in my own house!!!

    I found a plastic turbo buick in my basement the other day, i remembered playing with it often when i was a kid but it never occured to me what kind of car it was. The car was made by Strombecker and is supposed to look like a stock car but clearly has a turbo hood, looks to be an 81-83. Anybody...
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    looking for a carfax if anyone has one

    i need this vin ran if possible: JHMCD5631SC063821 just pm me back the results or post em up. thanks in advance!
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    Compressor Size Question.

    I have a friend that is trying to convince me that with all other variables the same (chargepiping, intercooler) a smaller turbo would be the "faster" turbo. (because bigger turbos lag) He is claiming that 10psi is 10 psi, no matter what the size of the compressor, basically: a T4@10psi would...