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    87’ Turbo T-ls3 turbo swap

    I was on here last night and realize it’s been a while since I’ve made a post. I thought some of you may enjoy this project. The car started as a 60,000 mile turbo car. Pure blasphemy, I know, but yanked the 109 and installed an LS3. The car was naturally aspirated for 25,000 miles before...
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    Clevite bearings from Mike Licht-picture inside

    I received these bearings from Mike Licht. He said he couldn’t tell anything from the picture. :rolleyes: Seriously? You can’t tell anything from the picture? He did tell me to wipe it down with mineral spirits. You expect me to run these in my new steel crank motor? Here’s the picture… Jason
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    Metco Motorsports spare tire methanol tank

    I know they sold these and made these for a while, but I haven’t seen any recently. Does anyone have one they want to sell? Call, text, email, whatever is best for you! 479-366-6768 Thanks, Jason
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    What turbo is this?

    hey everyone, just took this off a car and I have very little information on it. The exhaust wheel is 57mm, but otherwise the pictures attached are all I know. Any help is appreciated! Thanks, Jason
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    Search feature not working 100%??

    Anyone else having an issue with the search feature? When I search it usually starts at July and searches back. Some of the ones I need are within the last month! Just curious! Jason
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    Fresh Ceramic coated turbo shield for stock down-pipe

    I have for sale (2) very nice freshly ceramic coated (both sides) turbo shields for the stock down-pipe. $75.00 each plus $15.00 Shipping and handling anywhere in the US. Paypal preferred for payment. Some pics.... Thanks!
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    500 mile WCC 10" 3400 stall L/U

    Bought this converter, went 11.47 with a 6152e car and decided to go nonlock. Converter is in excellent condition and has great street manners. Lockup works great and I never locked it under boost. Has 12 track passes and always clean fluid. $400 plus shipping. OBO---make offers...
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    TTA 1546 for sale

    Thanks for looking fellas.
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    TTA #1546 for sale

    I truly don't know where to is time to sell TTA #1546. The car has been in my possession since June of 2003 and the utmost care has been taken of it. It sits in a heated and cooled garage under a cover and gets driven 400-500 miles per year. The car is truly setup to...
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    Dates? Is it going happen again? Jason
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    Moog springs, stock sway bars,RA sparkplug wires, Kenne Bell Airdam

    Moog 5413 rear springs - installed then removed with no miles - $60 shipped. Stock front sway bar with end links and polyurethane bushings which I believe were from Kenne-Bell. $50 plus shipping. Stock rear sway bar with hardware $50 plus shupping. Both of them are rust free...
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    header gaskets

    Who makes the best ones? I've considered the Felpro 1400, SCE (pretty much against those at this point), these XX Carbon - Header Flange Gaskets - Buick - Percy's High Performance - Online Store, and these Seal-4-Good - Header Flange Gaskets - Buick - Percy's High Performance - Online Store...
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    Anyone work GM or a GM car salesman?

    I need a quick favor on true invoice pricing. Please PM me if you can help! Thanks Jason
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    xtremexnyc---GREAT person to deal with!

    Just wanted to drop a quick post that John is an awesome person to deal with sales wise. Money was sent promptly and he was very reasonable with everything. Thanks again! Jason
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    Moog springs, Kenne-Bell air dam, sway bar, chrome up pipe, RA plug wires

    Moog 5413 rear springs - installed then removed with no miles - $60 shipped. Stock front sway bar with end links and polyurethane bushings which I believe were from Kenne-Bell. $75 shipped. Stock rear sway bar with hardware $65 shipped. Both of them are rust free...
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    Stock rear springs-60k miles

    Original rear springs $45 shipped. Thanks Jason
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    Almost perfect carpet--$50--pickup in Ohio at the BPG nats

    Anyone want this? The carpet is near perfect and came out of the same car as the seats. No wear marks and non smoker the whole life of the car. Guess I should mention it is black. Thanks Jason
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    Who sells the fuel rail schrader adapter for a gauge?

    I need the one that has two ports. The one for a gauge and another schrader valve on the end. I think Fullthrottle used to carry it but they no longer do. Thanks Jason
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    Mint 87 seats

    For Sale: Front and rear seats out of '87 GN with 62,xxx miles on them. Seats are in excellent condition. No smells. No cigarette burns. These seats need nothing done to them except to be installed. Seats bases are not included. Please note the picture with the one and only fabric cut on...
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    Anyone ship VP methanol?

    Like the title says, does anyone know of a source that will ship methanol? Thanks Jason