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  1. Rosey1968

    turbo shield

    Looking for a good stock turbo shield... shippeing to 66213... thanks.
  2. Rosey1968

    MSD Stock wires...

    I went to a TR6 ignition so I have these available: MSD 8.5 mm super conductor stock type plus wires... theya re about a year old. I sold these and the person that got them say the #1 wire might have an issue so he returned them. So I am selling these as a set of wire that may need the #1...
  3. Rosey1968

    Kirban truck kit instructions

    I bought a 11 piece truck kit off the member of the board and I understand how to install everything but the trunk lid piece. Anyone know how that attaches to the trunk lid? thanks.
  4. Rosey1968

    Sensor wire check...

    I was checking my sensor wires a few weeks agao and noticed some issues so I decided to fix them all. Sadly I did not realize until i got into this that a couple of issues that badly needed addressing. I should ahve done this a long time ago. For one, my crank sensor connector was broken...
  5. Rosey1968

    sensor wire sizes

    I cannot spend the cash on a full engine wiring harness so in this time of confinement I am going to rewire these sensors myself: IAC TPS Temp Sensor Crank Sensor cam sensor I plan on replaceing all the wires starting at far back as I can in the harness. Most of the wires look like AWG 18...
  6. Rosey1968

    Powerlogger Newbe

    So I got my Powerlogger hooked up and attached is my first data file. This was done at idle. I have not had the car on the road yet this spring. My fule pressure is not recording and I do not have a wideband (yet). Need to figure out why FP is not coming through the Input 4 connection. I...
  7. Rosey1968

    Covid Cleanup sell off

    Like most of you I am going to spend my time in the garage self isolating ;)… and I started today by going through some stuff. I have some part to sell off from some upgrades made this winter: Hemco Plenum... this has a 62'ish opening... someone did some grinding on it so it looks a bit out...
  8. Rosey1968

    No Fuel pressurre

    I was working on my car today and all of the sudden no fuel pressure when I go to restart it. I was setting my TPS and IAC after having my TB rebuilt. The front FP relay is good/clicks when key is turned on and so does the hotwire relay at the back. I was able to test and get power at the...
  9. Rosey1968

    Spare ECM

    I want to pick up a spare ECM as mine is original. Is there a difference from the reman unit from Summit and the one from Kirban? There is a C note difference and I would like to know If they are the same or different reman companies/ is one better than the other?
  10. Rosey1968

    rear bumper shock absorbers

    Look for a good pair of rear bumper shock absorbers. Shipping to kansas city. thanks.
  11. Rosey1968

    Stock Fuel Rail

    So, I am swapping my injectors for new ones and I start inspecting my stock fuel rail... and it is all rusty on the inside... I tired cleaning it and it is cleaner (you can really only clean the drivers side)... but I am not excited about resuing it. There is still rust on the inside. It is...
  12. Rosey1968

    ignition module harness cover

    In need of a good/complete ignition nodule cover, circled in image bleow. thanks.
  13. Rosey1968

    shifter button question

    I have a questions... I have this shifter handle: I was doing some work on my car and noticed that with the key on (motor off) once the car is in reverse (or out of park) you do not have to press the bottom to get it from reverse to drive. Is this they way it is supposed to be? Most cars...
  14. Rosey1968

    riddle me this...

    So I went to put my shiny new TA rearend Cover on '87 GN and it does not fit... 3 of the bolt holes are off just about 1/8". See attached pic. I pretty sure I ordered the right cover... TA1807... the cover say 'TA807' on the inside. I think the rearend is original to the car... the codes on...
  15. Rosey1968

    For sale, I can deliver to BG

    I have the following for sale: ’87 Stock Grand National Wheels - $450. Pics attached. 2 of the 4 have virtually no surface rust and a very good driver quality, 1 has a very little surface rust, and one has a little surface rust. Only 1 small curb rash. 2 of the wheels could use the black...
  16. Rosey1968

    Power Steering reservoir

    Selling my PS reservouir from my 87 GN. It is excellent shape, no issues. $80 shipped. PalPal only.
  17. Rosey1968

    3" test pipe

    In need of a 3" test pipe... thanks.
  18. Rosey1968

    Engine Builder in/near Kansas City

    I want to have my motor rebuilt this fall/winter and I want to start looking for someone who works with TR6 motors in and around the Kansas City area if possible. I travel Kansas Nebraska, Missouri and Iowa for work so I would prefer someone in this area. I am really looking for some good and...
  19. Rosey1968

    Looking for relay ends...

    I need to replace the harness ends/connectors that go into the a/c and fuel pump relays. I did not see at Casper’s... Thanks.
  20. Rosey1968

    new fuel pump issue

    My fuel pump died. I just replaced the pump as the entire sending unit from Racetronic was on back order and I have a car show next week I want to attend. The sending unit is a Racetronic unit that is 7 years old. Everything is back together. 5 gallons of gas in the tank. I hear the pump...