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  1. TTA976

    Calpack chip

    Looking lol....ty
  2. TTA976

    NGK BCR8ES nib

    Hello these plugs are great. Great for high boost, E85.. 5430 is made in Japan hard to find. Purchased from the site Bob posted. $40 shipped to the lower 48
  3. TTA976

    Hewlett-Packard laptop i5 Beats Audio PL installed

    Used laptop for sale rarely used for logging latest PowerLogger installed not included. $200 shipped
  4. TTA976

    Pete Tomka 4” Cold Air Hose

    Hello everyone for sale is 4” Tomka hose. Bought this off Pete himself years back last one he had. Lots of life left and is very strong. Measures around 20” long. $75 shipped to the lower 48 states include shipping and PayPal fees thank you guys
  5. TTA976

    Turbonetics HPC 61(62) Ball Bearing

    Hello everyone up for sale is my Ball bearing Tnetics 6162. Turbo was purchased 1.5 years ago then sent to 10/16/2018 Work Turbocharger for machine work. Turbo comes with actuator and ready to drop in perfectly. HPC 61 is the faster spooling turbo I’ve owned. 61/62mm turbos work so...
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    FAST ECU Sportman under 100 miles Plug and Play

    Hello, for sale is the Fast Sportsman ECU PLUG and PLAY for Turbo Buicks. Never fully mounted just drove it around town to correct fuel table. Very close out of the box. Including a tablet that I log with worked great. Tablet is a Dell. Tablet holds charge all day thru week. Hard to find...
  7. TTA976

    Thermal Zero Lava blanket

    Thermal Zero Lava blanket fits Tnetics .82 and PTE .85. Mounted it but never started or cycled. Very good quality and made in USA. $110 shipped within USA.
  8. TTA976

    Precision 6266 Ball Bearing LOW MILES

    Hello, I have Precision Billet 6266 Ball Bearing for sale. Turbo has the Ported 4" Anti Surge compressor cover with the PTE .63 Comes with the standard actuator. Bought this this year from Full Throttle Speed for $1600+ This is the best turbo hands down for a mildly modified...
  9. TTA976

    Henry 45-70 Government

    Purchased my first lever action rifle. Always wanted one so I said now the time. Henry 45-70, wood is handsome with steel receiver and a nice brass tube loaded port. Picked up 325 grain Hornady slugs. Rifle packs a punch! Really happy with it and the recoil is noticeably less than my...
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    PI Industries Vigilante Muli Disc 200R4

    Thank guys.
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    SD1 Chip for sale

    This is a SD1 chip for 60# inj. You will need a powerlogger for the chip to work. I am upgrading to SD2. This chip was great! $55 shipped to the lower 48
  12. TTA976

    Turbo 60-1 w/ Garrett .63

    Hello Everyone, I have a 60-1 Turbo for sale that I purchased from Bison earlier this year. Put about 200 miles on the Turbo, maybe. Turbo works 100% . Cover is polished and is nice and shiny besides the scratches on the bottom from install or removal. This is one of the fastest...
  13. TTA976

    Turbo TA Intercooler and Downpipe

    Hello, I am selling my original Intercooler and Downpipe for the Turbo TA. I removed when I upgraded the IC and DP at 32k Both are in very good shape. $350 shipped for the IC $250 shipped for the DP Thanks, Joe
  14. TTA976

    Always wanted a SKS ...

    I always liked the SKS because they are fun too shoot and are cheap. Lot of history behind these guns. This one has the tactical stock...Yugo have a grenade launcher. Shot about 100 rounds through it Friday night without any issues. I like it. Joe
  15. TTA976

    Bison TE62 P-trim less than 300 miles

    Hello Everyone, I am selling my Bison built TE62 P-trim. Turbo has less than 300 miles. There is NO shaft play or issues at all!!! Compressor cover is polished and turbo is nice and shiny. Turbo comes with PTE .63 exhaust housing and the wastegate hole has not been touched. Mid/High 10...
  16. TTA976

    Bison's turbos are great

    Customer service was exceptional to say the least. Very friendly guy and answered all my questions. At the top of my Turbo Buick experiences for sure! Turbo looks great too. SUPER!!! Joe
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    Turbonetics T Series HPC BB Turbo

    Hello, I am selling my Turbonetics T Series BB Turbo with their newest HPC comp wheel. The compressor wheel is made of forged billet aluminum and F1 65 turbine wheel in their street .63 housing. This turbo is a beast for the STREET! Tall turbine wheel with a tight street exhaust housing...
  18. TTA976

    TR6 Custom Wires - RJC Boost Controller

    I am selling my custom wires for the Turbo TA. Friend on the boards made them for me. TTA are shorter than GN's but we made these a little longer. One boot hit the exhaust. Put a burn in the boot but there is NO wire or terminal showing. Other than that the wires have about 250 miles...
  19. TTA976

    Flowmaster Hushpower

    We put a Flowmaster Hushpower pro series on the Turbo TA. Not a big fan of Flowmaster but I like the design of this muffler. Sounds really good... Quiet at idle and sound good at wot...There is a little drone but... Anyone else using one? Joe