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    1966 VW Bug Hot Rod w/ turbo buick engine

    Trade for another 66 bug?? :biggrin:
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    cool pictures of rescued owl.

    Couple more pics here, no explanation though Owl-In-A-Box at Kontraband
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    Gran Turismo 5 car list, Many Buicks!

    If you haven't seen it yet here is the list of every car in the upcoming GranTurismo 5. I can't wait! PS3's Gran Turismo 5 Complete List of Cars - Here is a few I'm sure all of you might enjoy! FASTTRACK PERFORMANCE Buick Grand National Twin Turbo ‘ BUICK Buick...
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    GNX destroyed under Clunkers Program

    With all of these cars supposedly on the list how come the only collector car we have pictures of is the Syclone in Kentucky? I know SOMEONE would have noticed a GNX or a Bentley and taken at least one picture. Also, 21 Merkur XR4Tis? REALLY??? None of this adds up. Oh wait, there is proof of...
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    Posting for a friend **2000 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec**

    Judging by the price I don't think this car is legal, if it was it would be about 15K more. There is also no mention of the paperwork or a picture of the import tag. He is probably parting with it because the feds are cracking down and going after all the illegal Skylines again, even Kaizo cars...
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    1966 RHD VW Beetle Ragtop Hoodride

    Will consider trades for a cheap Toyota or Honda DD plus cash. The leak is also fixed and it has new high performance shifter bushings.
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    Driving across international borders.

    Nope a Nissan, but I'll make sure it has its tags too :D Thanks for the insight
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    1966 vw bug hotrod with 3.8 turbo

    Is this still for sale? I can only see a few pics, I'm diggin the 35 ford grille. This is seriously like a combination of my family's cars: my 66 bug, my old TType and my dad's 35!!:biggrin: AWESOME
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    Driving across international borders.

    Next year I am going on a roadtrip up to Winnipeg but I have never driven across the US/Canadian border, what should I expect on each trip? Thanks
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    they love those turbos

    that is awesome!
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    1966 RHD VW Beetle Ragtop Hoodride

    I'm selling this car to move onto another project, runs and drives but could use some new axles and fulcrum plates. The trans is a brand new unit with hardened gears and a super diff. As i type this it has a leak from the saideplate cover gaskets (my fault from instalation). The engine is a big...
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    Painting a WH1...what to do...

    don't worry about painting the car, just sell it to me. ;) but if you do decide to paint it, keep it the factory two tone!! please!!!!!
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    white T-types

    where have you been hiding these cars???
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    My new ride (non-Buick material inside...)

    Well I wasn't planning on getting another beetle, but I fell in love with this one when I saw it. I've noticed that people either hate it or love, mostly the latter though. This is by far the most attention getting car I've ever owned and it is an absolute blast to drive. Hopefully I'll have...
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    Any tips for buying a car from across the country?

    I'm going to be buying a car from the west coast but I've never had a car shipped to me before, whats the best process in dealing with transfering the title etc.? I'm thinking of sending a signed bill of sale first, then overnighting a bank check/ title. Would this be a good Idea, if not how...
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    Anyone live near Frederick, MD? I need your help.

    I found this car for sale and it sounds like it would be perfect DD for me since I've been wanting one for awhile now. The probelm is the pictures and info are very limited and since i live so far away I cannot check it out for myself. I was wondering if there were any members that lived near...
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    1989 turbo trans am 49k miles low price

    I work with the owner and had no Idea he was sellng it!!!!! Looks like im going to track him down tommorow!! :biggrin:
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    Need help proving my Buick's value

    My '86 T type was stolen early this morning and so tommorow i am going to be talking to my insurance agent about making a claim. I am worried that I will be getting a low blow with it though. KBB, Edmunds, they all say the car isn't worth anything, but we all know this isn't true. How can I...
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    86 T Type WH1 Stolen. St. Louis MO. 6/29/08

    Yeah i had some theft deterrents on it but these guys were determined its a wild story and wehn i get back home ill explain it all to you. I didn't show it to ANYONE, but yes it happened last night, sometime after 1:30 (thats when my neighbor came home.) I talked to the nieighbors that were...
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    86 T Type WH1 Stolen. St. Louis MO. 6/29/08

    Thanks I had a car broken into before but its not nearly as violating as having it completely taken from you. I do have full coverage and my agent is a great guy, but sadly he is not in the office today so we'll see how it goes.