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    Slowly getting back into the swing of things

    After 4.5 Long yrs it's finally time to get the GN back on the road. A new bullet is finally in the works. I plan on running THS TTS or whatever class the car fits in. So far I'm starting off with a known good std bore 109 block and the 2 middle billet main caps I already have, currently the...
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    109 block

    Looking a known good 109 block near central ky. Doesn't have to be std bore. Thanks Deren Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    Just Curious

    Silly question but I was just wondering if there was a specific reason why I've never seen a TTA run in THS or any other class racing. I know they didnt make the numbers of the 89TA compared to the GN, which might make sense as to why, Any ideas. Deren
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    3.8 V8 eater BPG

    Tony was saying all he needed was a 10.9X pass and his day was done.....congrats
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    Weld Wheels Moser Axles MT slicks

    (2) Weld Prostar Wheels(used) 15x8 3.5 BS w/center caps and lugs + (2) MT ET Dag slicks (used) 28x9x15. Nothing wrong with wheels and slicks, went with a pr of 15x10 wheels. These wheels will fit your GN/T without rubbing without rolling fender lips. $300 OBO (pr) Moser stock replacement axles...
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    MT ET Drag Slicks

    MT ET Drag slicks 30/9/15 Radial slicks(directional) can post pics later tonite. Very few passes on them, a few dyno pulls. 300 OBO Located in Dayton Ohio. Hopefully this ad doesnt get removed...i only have 140 posts instead of 150...should have read Jay's link first..sorry. Deren .
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    Norwalk only 1 month away

    I came across a picture of my car last year @Norwalk . Man I cant wait to start racing again this year! http://
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    84 ttype

    This is a repost for my friend Tom Bell. He needs to price is 12K OBO he is motivated! His contact #'s are (H)937-434-6483 (C)937-902-4257.
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    Kip's Bumper Fillers

    :D Kip, just wanted to say thanks for the Fiberglass Bumper Fillers. They are a perfect fit, no trimming needed. Drilled the 8 mounting holes and fits like a glove. All that is left to do is shoot some paint on them. Thanks Deren
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    Trans Mount & Saftey Loop

    Anyone with Poly Engine Mounts and trans mount have problems with the rear tail shaft of trans being to high for the driveshaft to fit through the safety loop? loop will not allow for the driveshaft to be installed!:mad: Thanks Deren
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    Moser Axles

    Used Moser stock replacement c clip axles w/arp 3.25" 12mm studs. $200 OBO.
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    What size socket needed to remove Rear Yoke

    Need to know what size socket is needed to remove the rear yoke from rear end. Replacing driveshaft and going to 1350 ujoints front and rear. 1 1/4 sound right? Googled all I could find was 1-1/4 socket for a GM 10bolt rearend. Thanks Deren
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    3" Single Shot Exhaust

    I need to replace my exhaust and am looking into a single shot exhaust setup. What are my options? Thanks Deren
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    Intank Fuel Pump Wiring issue

    Is there a trick to getting the fuel sender unit to work right with the Racetronix intank wiring kit? Only started messing with this cause I ran out of gas..LMAO. Dash fuel gauge reads above full. I have 43psi on both fuel gauges. Dropped the tank and flipped the wiring on the bulkhead...
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    Kilkare TNT

    Packed the slicks and new cordless impact and some tools into trunk to head down to Kilkare last night. That 10 sec et just isnt in the cards yet....:mad::rolleyes: But yet so damn close.... 1st pass ran a 11.57 on 23psi 115.7mph.....and bent the (original stock) J-Rod, could not get the...
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    1984 Intercooled TType

    Due to health reasons my good friend Tom Bell needs to sell his 84 TType. Asking price is $14K OBO including 16ft open car trailer. Car is the former National Record Holder in Stock Eliminator L/M/N class in 96-97, 00-03(Owned previously by the Gallinas and tuned by Kenny Duttwieler and Len...
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    Chrome Alt & MT DR's

    Bringing a 180amp Chrome CS144 alternator and pr of used MT DR's to Norwalk on Sunday. Tires are 275/50/15 street radials. $75 for the Tires-$180 for the alternator. Deren
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    Non "T" handle shifter

    Anyone have a pic of a shifter handle that's not like the factory "T" handle. I could have sworn I saw one on here somewhere but can't locate it anywhere. Thanks Deren
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    10's are so close

    Just got back from Kilkare tonight and bettered my previous time again. Running VP C-16 with a TE45A, Stock motor, TT chip, 27psi, Vigilante 5disk O Pump stalls at 3400rpm with the following results on these 2 passes.....Both passes were on the foot brake Pass 1....Left at 5psi....Had 3.7*...
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    Finally into the 11's

    I finally got into the 11's last week and I thought Mid to bottom 12's felt like a big accomplishment. This thing is really starting to pull like a train. On 24psi resulted in the following, 1.67 60ft 7.31 1/8 ET 95.3 MPH 11.47 1/4 ET 117.9 MPH 275/50/15 MT DR's, Te45a turbo...