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    4" aluminum maf pipe

    Pronto, will this hook up directly to the Tin man CAI kit?
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    Stock rear-end WANTED

    I currently live in Wisconsin
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    Stock rear-end WANTED

    Currently living in Wisconsin.
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    Stock rear-end WANTED

    Hey all, looking for a stock posi G80 rear-end OR a rearend with upgraded 31 spline axles. Let me what you got! THANKS!
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    Hydroboost Conversion Questions

    Will the Cardone 52-9041 with Reservoir work on this conversion in place of the 84-85 HB booster?
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    Getting Rid Of All Parts And Car "1987 Limited"

    What brand, condition and pkg deal? Front coilovers dual nozzle for up-pipe 3" down pipe with external gate gn1, notebook that fits in dash with all parts for powerlogger or xfi
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    WTB: 86/7 power steering reservoir

    My first time seeing these Boost231, what is the cost for the cheapest one?
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    Powermaster to Hydroboost conversion

    Geez, that syringe really helped and fixed your issue with air in the system?
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    Powermaster to Hydroboost conversion

    Did you bench bled yours before bolting it up? I did that, but wondering if there is a way to make sure the prop valve doesn't have air trapped. My prop valve is also new.
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    Powermaster to Hydroboost conversion

    The HB is from jdpolzin and is an OE of off an 84 GN, MC is remanufactured, ps pump is the factory one. Everything else is parts store.
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    Powermaster to Hydroboost conversion

    Need help. Been trying to get my car back on the road from PM brake failure in 2013. Did the HB conversion and can't get the conversion to work. Bled things off fluid through all lines and the pedal still wants to go to the floor when car is cranking. At my whit's end with this conversion and...
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    Complete Motor with everything

    5 LTR KLR, how much for the P/S reservoir, A/C hard lines and D/P with WG? I'm in W. WI close to the MN/WI border.
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    Time for Frame off.

    Looks good Sam. How many revisions of the wing did you make before you were satisfied!?! Got any of those nice parts that were sacrificed still laying around? AL Driveshaft?
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    Cruz Performance fuel rails-USED

    Are you not selling the lines that were used!?!
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    2 Driveshafts - 1 alum for TH400, steel for 200-R4

    Nick, can you send me some pics of both the steel and alum stock D/S's through PM?
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    2 Driveshafts - 1 alum for TH400, steel for 200-R4

    Nick, I'm still waiting on a response from you on the D/S you have listed for sale. I'm interested in them, but not sure which one.
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    2 Driveshafts - 1 alum for TH400, steel for 200-R4

    Steel or Alum one is good for me.
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    2 Driveshafts - 1 alum for TH400, steel for 200-R4

    Nick, I'm interested in one of your D/S for the 200-4r. Could you provide cost to 54661? Thanks Craig They both have the 1350 yokes...correct!?!
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    Bolts NEEDED

    Seem to have misplaced some Driveshaft bolts AND my Trans cross-member bolts. In need to two(2) Driveshaft bolts and both(2) Trans bolts. Anybody!
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    Wanted 4.1 bare block .

    I have two 291 blocks. One needs to be vatted and probably bored. They are both stock sized. I live not too far from Fastenal HQ and would ship it to you for $225 shipped