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    Zero fuel pressure

    87 T-type, been sitting better part of 10 years. Going through and getting up and running after chasing numerous vacuum issues. Got to a point where it was idling decent, throttle response nice, scanmaster numbers Ok, the. Kaput. Engine won’t start to save its life. Little starter fluid...
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    Brake Hard lines

    Where to buy? Need omplete set...I found at Kirbans, is there anywher else? Fit and function good? Is it just easier to buy brake lines at Napa and bend my own? I already own a flaring kit and pipe bender as I had to make lines for other cards. Thanks in advance
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    Transmission Crossmember mount

    All, my crossmember was rotter out, bought another from a board member and the mount to the trans is not in the right spot, it's about 3 inches more to the center. Are there 2 crossmembers out there for Turbo Buicks? Can I get a different mount for the trans to line up with the current...
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    Trans Cross Member 200r4

    In need of got it let me know shipped price to 20871. Good condition, not all rotted out like the one I just removed....drivers side was attached until I went to unbolt it and it fell off :) Thanks
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    Removing Trans (BRF) have question

    Everything disconnected except a cable from the throttle body to the trans. Can't figure out how to disconnect this cable. It appears that there is something within the trans that is "connected" to the cable that comes off the throttle body. Can anybody shed some light on how to remove this...
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    A little guidance

    So I bought my T-type about 2 years ago...bought a few things and then got n some other projects and the Buick sat. Well decided now is the time to get to work on her and she's idling rough (post on another thread) so decided.....hey I bought that direct scan thing way back when lets open the...
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    New (used) 200 and converter install question

    Gents (and ladies if out there), picked up used units as above and checked the Regal Chilton's book...everything seems straight forward except the part about marking locations on TC and Trans...obviously can't do this since these weren't marked prior to removal originally, so how important is...
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    200r4 help identifying issues

    Hey guys, I'm in need of a tranny and got a bead on one close by, supposedly BRF out of a GN. Owner doesn't know any history as he had it for awhile for a project he never got around to. Need to know what to look for that could avoid be having to do a rebuild (trying not to rebuild now...
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    Transmission Depot?

    Have any of you ever heard of or dealt with these guys? eBay Motors: 200 4R 200R4 Transmission /Stage 1 Competition (item 350155267298 end time Jan-25-09 16:06:01 PST) I'm sure that this isn't the best trans out there for racing but seems like a good deal for what you are paying for...
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    Looking for a new/used trans....nothing super fancy, preferably rebuilt with some hardened parts...looking to keep it under 1K shipped.
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    Trans won't shift out of first

    Trans was slipping some of the shifts recently and while I've been looking for another trans it now won't shift out of first at all. Really haven't done much in terms of troubleshooting it yet, been just too busy, but I will say the trans fluid definitely smells burnt and is a bit of a dark...
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    Scanmaster help

    Just purchased the software but my laptop doesn't have a floppy drive...has anyone burned this to a CD and will it work? I guess it's that or time to buy an old school cheapy laptop. Thanks
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    Tranny Slipping

    OK...first this is the only auto I've ever owned and its new to me so I have no practical experience with auto trannys. With that said, I went out for a drive the other day (no mods done to the car) and noticed in 3rd it would drive off, then start slipping. Thought it was just 3rd, but that...
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    Rollcage install

    Looking for someone to install a 10 pt certified cage in the MD/DC area, any help is appreciated.
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    Stage II heads

    All, as some of you have come to know I'm trying to build a high revving, high HP motor. Anyway I've got a line on a Stage 2 #031 heads with 34cc chambers...trying to see if these will rev up to 8000rpm give or take? I know the large port Indy heads would be ideal but can't seem to locate any...
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    Magic HP #

    I'm in the process of beginning a build on my very first Buick motor (87 T-Type) for the purpose of Land Speed Racing and was wondering what it would take to turn out 1500HP...give or take. Right now according to some calculations this is around what it will take for me to get close to breaking...
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    Maximum Boost

    No, this isn't a question but more of a suggestion. I see a lot of questions on here regarding what happens if? Small Turbo, Big Turbo, Lag, Spool....on and on. I reccommend this book highly as it does a very good and detailed job explaining all aspects of turbo charging, and more importantly...
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    Howdy all!

    Just want to say that I've been lurking here for a bit of time doing some basic research and waiting for a car that I can buy for my purposes...and I'm glad to say that I've found one...purchased from Knucklehead (Larry) down in Fla. What's my purpose you ask....well as you might deduce...