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    External oil pump .

    At what point should someone be using this setup? Power/ET wise, Is it more efficient than just the stock oil pump configuration? Sorry for dumb question!
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    Finally swapped in new PTC converter

    What pump "Vigilante" converter you running. I used the "0" pump 5 disk LU vigilante with stock cam heads crank etc and have ran many 11.XX passes and locking the converter at the top of third i would always see a 700-900rpm drop when locking the converter, usually picked up 20+ mph on the big...
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    Slowly getting back into the swing of things

    After 4.5 Long yrs it's finally time to get the GN back on the road. A new bullet is finally in the works. I plan on running THS TTS or whatever class the car fits in. So far I'm starting off with a known good std bore 109 block and the 2 middle billet main caps I already have, currently the...
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    Anyone running Bison's Alky plenium plate?

    Unless i missed it, ill throw this out there now. RRA's of race classes should probably look at their class rules and change the alky plumbing rule before someone at peer-tech makes an issue of this at the tracks. Just a thought. Looks like a great product Bison!
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    THS Roll Call for Bowling Green 2017- Who's coming

    I'll have to sit this yr out, might be down to spectate. Had some life changes going on, job changes moving etc. new motor is currently in the works. Looking forward to getting back to racing in 2018.
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    What size turbo

    TA49 stock motor got me into 12s early on. Cheap turbo upgrade. If you decide to go faster later, you can always sell the turbo to someone else wanting to do the same thing you bought it for.
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    Internals for different power bands question

    If you simply want to take what you have(power wise) to get the car to play nice on the street....get some adjustable rear/front shocks(i.e. QA-1s), softer tires, remove the front sway bar and get the hr rear sway bar.....removing front sway bar will allow front end to raise higher which in turn...
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    Head count for THS in BG

    Slow/Fast doesnt matter, you never know til you get in there and try it. Seen guys make it several rounds in with 11sec cars.
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    2016 THS rules discussion thread

    Have there been any changes outside of the fiberglass hood?
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    Fastest THS times list

    Well done dday...was in TSM or THS?
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    Precision Vigilante 9.5 lock up converter like new

    I assume it's a O pump? Good price for a 1k converter.
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    109 block

    Jeremy I'll be in touch later this week if that's ok. beastregal thanks for the offer but I'm gonna pass.
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    109 block

    Tell me more JD.
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    Locking converter in 2nd gear with bigger turbos.

    I've always locked mine at top of 3rd, I have same "0" pump vigilante. I've sent mine back in couple times to get loosened up with no change. It's the best converter for locking up @wot but is also the most$$$$ and the hardest to get right with a given combo. If I remember correctly i didn't...
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    109 block

    Sent you pm gn guru Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    109 block

    What condition are they in and how much, thanks Deren Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    109 block

    Looking a known good 109 block near central ky. Doesn't have to be std bore. Thanks Deren Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    109 block

    Good Ole too far...glws. shouldn't last long. Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    109 block

    Where are located castrol? Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app