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    Imagine that..

    Kyle Kelly said his favorite car is a 87 Regal he bought many moons ago... I caught the tail end of it as they were starting a frame off, another spin-off called End Game , he called it a '87 but i thought only the '86 had a hood ornament?
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    You can't make this shit up..

    Guy in Seattle calls 911 to report the cops that are chasing him are in violation of the law.. that says they can't pursue him .. you know what happens next...:X3::X3: Unbelievable...The DOJ IS COMING for free speech so get ready for it because they have been weaponized.. what is the...
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    Member with ATR dash FS

    You had a ATR dash with gauges for sale, PM me please as the last shut down erased PM's as well and i don't remember your avatar... TIA
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    Real or Not?

    So Will Smith slaps Chris Rock...On national TV, in front of a live audience.... that's being shown around the world.. At first i thought damn this is real unscripted shit, but the more i watched it i'm not so sure.. Me personally if someone open-hand bitched slapped me i can't be held...
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    Gone Girl

    Just curious what ya'll think about the new Street Outlaws Gone Girl, I for one give them a thumbs up, even though they have their fair share of BS throwed in like most of these shows... At least they are racing Real street cars.. not tubbed out pro mods... they actually drive them..o_O
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    6466 for sale

    Bison built 6466 JB turbo, less than a hundred miles since new, bracket, drain line, act. not included , $900 shipped + PP fees .. pics coming
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    Underhood light

    Looking for under hood light for 87 GN
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    Anyone ever shipped a puppy ?

    Trying to get a baby boxer from Dallas area to metro Atl GA area, starting to look like i will have to drive 12/1/2 hrs one way to get him... flying out and driving back would be 6-$750, roundtrip drive not much better...
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    65LB injecters

    Maybe 300 miles, high impedance, $225 shipped
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    Great guy to deal with and a class act... thanks again John
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    Just like..

    Our new President.. who would have thunk the Falcons would be in the SUPER BOWL !!! ( AND WIN ):D:D:D:D:D:D
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    Anyone near Addison TX ?

    Looking to buy a vehicle from Texas Motorcars and wondering if someone close by could stop and take a gander at it...
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    Bison owe's me money

    Bottom line is Brian sold me a turbo that put a permanent smirk and grin on my face and the doctor's don't know what to do about it, Dude plasic surgery ain't cheap..... especially when your grinning like Ronald Mcdonald....