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    Breaking: Spoolfool Gets a Smartphone!

    Recently, Turbo Lou has called for a boycott of Spoolfool Productions products until Mike "Spoolfool" Barnard upgrades his mobile technology. Often teased, mocked and questioned on the matter, Mike "Spoolfool" Barnard has officially (and finally) graduated from his 15-year old cell phone to a...
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    2017 GS Nationals Hotel Recommendations

    Hilton Garden Inn (270-781-6778) Courtyard by Marriott (270-783-8569) Quality Inn (270-843-1163) Ramada Inn (270-781-3000) Best Western (270-782-6933) Super 8 (270-781-9594) LaQuinta (270-783-0083)...
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    2017 GS Nationals Hotel Recommendations

    Hilton Garden Inn (270-781-6778) Courtyard by Marriott (270-783-8569) Quality Inn (270-843-1163) Ramada Inn (270-781-3000) Best Western (270-782-6933) Super 8 (270-781-9594) LaQuinta (270-783-0083)...
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    Cruz Performance 109 Block Race September 15 2017 at GS Nationals
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    Cruz Performance 109 Block Race September 15 2017 at GS Nationals
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    Super 16 2016 -- 27 Years of Buick Fast!

    Rules: 1. Must be Buick-powered. 2. Must be Buick-bodied. 3. No corporate engines, ie. GM competition, Chevy/Buick variant, GM LS corporate motor. 4. Tech card required for all racers. Sign up: • In the circle track by the tower. • $75.00 sign up for Super 16 (daily entry must be paid at gate)...
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    2016 GS Nats - Redirected From

    Click the attachment.
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    2016 GS Nats - Redirected From

    Click the attachment.
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    2016 Buick GS Nats Dates Announced!

    Per Ron Joseph: "Just booked & confirmed, next year's event will take place in BG on Sept. 14 - 17, 2016. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!"
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    GSCA's Newest Member - and Official

    So I've been not only made a member of the GSCA, but have been charged with the role of Director of GS Nats Promotion & Media Coordinator by our good friends, Richard Lasseter and Ron Joseph. Below is a copy of my introductory letter that you'll be seeing in an upcoming issue of the GSX-TRA...
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    GM High Tech Swag FOR SALE

    Hey guys, I know you guys were huge fans of the mag, and some of you probably had your car featured at one point or another. I have some GM High-Tech Performance Magazine swag leftover from my tenure as the Editor of the magazine. It's just taking up space in my garage at this point and I'd...
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    "GM EFI" - an ALL NEW late-model GM magazine...

    Hey fellas, I know that a lot of you are still brokenhearted over the recent loss of the only magazine that actually recognized the Turbo Buick faithful, GMHTP, and I don't blame you. Not only was I a 15-year long reader and subscriber of the rag myself, but I was its final Editor; sitting in...
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    Really, Really, Really need a rear bumper cushion/impact strip

    Long story short, I need a replacement for my '87 GN. Used is fine, as long as it's presentable. I know I can pick up a reproduction version from Kirban or Gbody for around $190, but would like to try my luck with my Buick brothers first. Please let me know - thanks! -Rick Seitz
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    GMHTP Looking for STOCK APPEARING '84 GN...

    ***Attention*** GM High Tech Performance Magazine is looking for a mint condition, BONE STOCK, 1984 GN. Preferably with the L-S seats. We just need a few REALLY EXCELLENT, High-Res, High-Quality angle, engine, and interior shots of this car for an article on the 30th Anniversary of the '84...
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    Spotted In Brandon

    I was in my Buick heading to work this morning, and saw an '87 GN coming off of the Brandon Exit from 75 S. The car had aftermarket Centerline (?) wheels on it and was really clean. The driver didn't notice me until I was already turning the corner. Was a pleasant surprise to see another TR on...
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    Key jams in ignition

    Lately I've been having problems with my ignition. On occasion, the key likes to get jammed in my ignition and the only way to get it out is to turn the engine over and shut it off again, or to put it into gear and put it back into Park. Thoughts? Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    FS: KYB Gas-A-Just Front Struts BRAND NEW

    I have a pair of brand new KYP Gas-A-Just front struts that will fit an '81-87 Buick Regal, T, GN, GNX. These retail for $37/piece from Summit Racing... I'll sell the pair for $50 plus shipping. Thanks...
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    Richard Petty '81 Regal Race Car 1/64

    The title and the pictures say it all. Just another little something from my collection. I figured I'd offer parts of my Buick Die Cast Collection to fellow board members before I sell them on eBay. This car is in mint, as-delivered to the store condition. Cool little collectible to those who...
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    1/64 Hypertech GN -RARE!

    I don't know how many of you guys have seen these, but it's a 1/64 scale GN that's meant to commemorate Hypertech's involvement with marketing chips for the GN. I actually have two of these, and if this one sells, I might let the other one go too. There's actually one on eBay right now going...
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    JL 1/64 Sealed T-Types -LOOK!

    I have a few sealed JL die cast cars that I need to unload. The first lot is the Johnny Lightning T-Type that is based on the car Joey Warren owns and was featured in GMHTP. I bought this at the BPG Nats in 2011, and I can do $10 plus shipping.