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    URGENT Bad Trans? or Bad TC?

    Bingo, most likely part of the problem all along...
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    Engine shutting off after 10 seconds

    I would start with the TB, take it off and have a look see.. may as well rebuild while its off. Then again it could be something as dumb as a clogged fuel filter.
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    GN wheels

    PM sent
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    GN wheels

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ That sounds about right , I paid $1200 shipped from the west coast but they are damn near perfect, and yeah you bet your ass they are heavy, when i picked the wheels up from the tire shop and picked one up I went straight home and started looking for Alm rims, fuckers...
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    gbodyparts avoid at all costs

    They remind me of playing the lottery, sometimes you win but not very often.. and when you do win you tell everybody...😆😆
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    GN wheels

    I would too for a $1k , lol PM me your cell# and i will send you pics.
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    GN wheels

    $ 800 - $ 1200 for a very nice set , of course shipping is a big concern..
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    GN wheels

    Atlanta GA
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    GN wheels

    I have a nice set with brand new Cooper tires , center caps and lug nuts, where are you located?
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    Anyone Familiar with Atlanta

    That's funny, a friend of mine was a local police chief that visited your sheriff when he first had trouble with the DA, he was heavily criticized by MSM for that visit..
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    Anyone Familiar with Atlanta

    I'm surprised ya'll don't remember sheriff Hege that was elected in the 90's, same day he was sworn into office he removed all TV's from the jail, painted the cells pink with blue teddy bears and made the inmates wear candy-striped uniforms while picking up trash... 🤣🤣 Funny shit, he also had...
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    Anyone Familiar with Atlanta

    In 1974 I was the only witness to a murder at a gas station in Charlotte... ironic that we are still talking about them all these yrs later, Only difference between now and then is they don't care how many people see them do the crime now, Btw I was born in Lexington NC, and that is a whole...
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    Imagine that..

    Kyle Kelly said his favorite car is a 87 Regal he bought many moons ago... I caught the tail end of it as they were starting a frame off, another spin-off called End Game , he called it a '87 but i thought only the '86 had a hood ornament?
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    Anyone Familiar with Atlanta

    She will be okay as long as she stays away from gas stations... no matter what the time or how busy they are.. :sneaky:
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    Headers wanted

    You are a little giddy Matt... did you finally get laid for the first time since the big D ? lol
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    New ECM installed starts and runs terrible NEED HELP!!!!!

    Did you disconnect the orange wire and forget to reconnect? Personally i have never had any luck with a repop ECM, plenty of originals still out there.
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    1987 Headliner: Color/Brand

    Just order one from Highway Stars and call it a day..
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    Grandfather's '87 GN

    If there are any woke fools on here they have been butt-hurt long before you came around..
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    1 HOT MF'er!

    Just wait till tomorrow.. not sure about the humility but the humidity will be back with a vengeance... :D
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    Biggest injector on stock ecm

    Never mind just noticed you are 91/alky, BIG difference.