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    read this on you tube

    i dont know how to do a link but you should read (do a search for)5 police cars most police wish they still had
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    turbo tweak outstanding

    just got my new fuel pump the supply outlet was broke off.........some of you may have read my bitch about the parts place but this is how it should have been done, called eric he said ill ship a new one tomorrow got it and he even included a return shipping label if he has it and i want it i...
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    th 350 kick down cable

    ive got a th350 in my gn for now (i smoked the 200 will fix eventally) what has been used for the kick down cable lots of kr in 3rd because when its in 3 it stays in 3rd any other help on how to make this transmisson work better would be welcomed thanks david
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    the parts place

    has any one on here used them,i ordered some upper control arm bolts from them ,they were wrong ,talked talked to them twice on the phone to be told they will return my part but not my shipping,i told them their part was wrong and i did nothing wrong but i still had to pay shipping here and i...
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    control arm bolts

    what size and where to get the splined bolts that hold the control arm to the frame i ordered some and they came 1/2-13 which is to big near as i can tell they are 12 mm thanks for any help...
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    rebuild seat belts

    are just the belts available from anyone i took one apart and it dont look to hard to replace the belts
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    intake plugs

    i removed the plugs on the bottom of the intake to clean it after some porting any special sealant or just teflon tape and be done thanks david
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    rust free 85 limited astro car

    youll want to look at it as its been in my back yard for a while 500.00
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    whats up with my trans

    1,2 shift slips,fluid looks funny i think , i can bottom the tv plunger with on finger
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    is my computer working now

    had to do a full restore
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    cam help

    the one i posted on nov 8 thanks david
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    cam help

    can anyone help me see my earlier post thanks david
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    need cam expert

    or someone who knows more than me i bought an 84 gn in a box engine was out had to be put back together got a cam i think it was an elgin e913p but it was a pre 84 cam the car ran but didnt seem right i think its a204-214 with 449-473 lift after some research the pre 84 cam had a smaller base...
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    ac dont work

    ok any ac guys can help pressure switch is good got power to both sides i think my rotery switch is good got power to relay but nothing to ac comp new relay in it
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    need more help or even a guess

    thanks to all who responded at first it was the maf borrowed an 87 and no more burnouts runs great now for about 10 mins then just dies wont start until the next day fp is 38 got spark just wont start back up after it dies my scanmaster numbers look ok no codes set
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    new to all of this 84 gn really rich

    new tt chjp and 42 # injectors 86 87 advance auto ecm ever since i installed them super rich i hope someone can help