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    T Type wheels

    Four T Type wheels w/ caps, 7/10 in appearance (maybe 8/10..I'm picky), but round and straight. $300 set. w/ questions or info Greg
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    Misc GN stuff

    1. Bell Tech 2" drop spindles, bought from a member here that never used them, I had them on 2 years, but only drove about 100 miles on them. $125 2. TT chip- 42#, street 93 oct, 20/18 deg and 16-18 psi. Great for TE44/TA49 $40 (new in bag) SORRY PIC SUCKS....SO SMALL! 3. Caspers Hot wire kit...
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    3 GN wheel center caps

    I need 3 GN center caps, goin on the car so I can sell it so they dont have to be perfect. please e-mail if you have;
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    help needed... stock rear springs?

    Hey guys, it appears I am the end of the road w/ the GN. After a 2 yr divorce and custody fight along w continued financial hardships as a single dad of a 4 yr old, I just cant afford to hold onto the car. :( As you may remember mine is slammed, my OEM rear springs were cut to get it down low...
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    so I am blind.....

    Where are the rear bump stops? I am not seeing any on my car.....I am doing some cutting and welding to get more rear travel after lowering it a bunch and know they need to be addressed too. I feel like an idiot, but all I have is a floor jack and a flash light which means jacked up its about...
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    Brake light flickers occasionally

    The Brake light seems to come on as I step on the pedal at any speed, it stays on a sec and goes off. Not confidence inspiring for sure. It it time for minor brake work or look into going vacuum and leaving the giant GM design flaw behind?!
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    I figured out the 2 year long question today;

    "Who dat"?!.... Dey are da AINTS, as in dey couldnt even beat the Falcons, a middle of the road team that played decent, not great football. The Brees has blown, and its the wind of change... :tongue:
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    I am headed to the GA Dome in a few to drop some cars for Fast and Furious 5 filming set for tonight and tomorrow eve. I should get a pretty good look at what is being used, although I doubt they'll let me take pics. (But it wont be because I didn't try). I wish we had a clean GN goin down to...
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    TE44 install and have a question

    I am putting the snail on I ran into a question; I have everything lined up lightly tightened, and clocked so its all in line, but the w/g rod isn't close to being long enough unless unscrewed almost all the way. To make it reach and pin it down I had to pull the w/g rod out....Is that right? I...
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    where are the AMA SX fans?!

    What about Phoenix Rd 2?! Dungey is the man, we may have a title contender year one in the 450 class!! Stewart gets crashed in heat 2, then manages to win LCQ. Main Event. Dungey runs away and hides. Then Reed cant keep up w/ an obviously hurt Stewart, and in a VERY questionable...
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    turbo opinions and i.d help

    I have a turbo I thought was a TA49 I sold a member here. i was told by a local GN guru it was a TA 49, and now we hear it isnt. Please review the pics here and let us know what it is, what it can do ,and what a reasonable value is. I was trying to hook someone up ona TA49 and I may have...
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    GNX flare info

    I was wondering if anything is done behind the flare on GNXs? Is there more room from the fender being cut or is it just cosmetic? I am thinkin about cutting my GN fenders to get clearance for my "too big" wheels and slammed stance, and was wantin to do these flares, but dont know how they'd...
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    .82 ta49

    this turbo is used and came on the car, good shape, just have another turbo going on. It does have a DP bolt broken off in it, but I have not tried to remove it (I don't have the tools so better to leave it for someone that does) Still on the car but will be off today/tomorrow (28 degrees in ATL...
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    coming soon....

    After having a hankering for a sound quality build in the GN for a few years, I had to succumb to some truths. The economy won't allow me to spend the $ right now, and I dont have the time to build a year long 110% perfect build I want to do. As a single dad, it's just not an option...
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    fender liner removal

    What is the process for removing the front inner fenders/metal liners? I am gonna have to go w/o due to scrubbage and height. Is this a "remove the whole front of the freakin car"?!
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    Anyone else having a bad....year!!??

    I always heard bad things happen in 3s. This has been a year of crap. After catchin my cheating wife and divorce this year, my dad having heart trouble, I rely on recreation to recover mentally....right?! Well I took our ole reliable '96 Bass Cat boat to the lake this morning at about 5:45, made...
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    limited rear 1" left?

    OK, I have an 86 GN, I have it lowered a bunch, Moog coil 5385s w/ a coil removed, dropped it right at 3". I have KYB shocks, rear disc conversion, and 20x10s on 275-30s. Here's the deal. It has no travel. Its all tire...and there aint much there when you run a 30 series!! The rear driver...
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    shorter shock part #s?

    Has anyone ever scoped out shorter shocks for OEM mounting locations? I am looking for some shorter rears, 3" compressed is just a little much, I have tried several manufacturer sites, and haven't had any luck. If all else fails I may have to do QA1 coil overs and call it a day.
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    ID my snail

    See attached pics, The A/R is .60, Its obv a garrett, but what is it a TE44? I thought they were usually .63s. Do you need to know what the specs are marked on the hot side?
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    pics of car lowered and new wheels

    OK, to start w/ ... ****If you hate low cars, and big wheels, just back out and dont go through the pain of this. Heres the set up; F- Boss 338- 20x8.5 w/ 5.25 BS and 7/16 wheel spacer, 245/35-20 R- Boss 338- 20x10 w/ 6.25 BS and 1" adapter, 275/30-20 F- Bell Tech spindles, and Moog...