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    Twin Turbo Buick GS Project

    Let's get the lead out and wrap this thing up already Wilkerson, this build thread is coming up on five years. And I thought my builds took forever...:whistle:
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    OFFICIAL: wheel/tire picture thread... show em off!

    Very Nice...Awesome wheels and great stance
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    Twin Turbo Buick GS Project

    Sounds like you've been tweaking on it a little Will. So calm and docile, hard to believe it's the same motor in Nelson's video. Can't wait to see it going down the road for a little cruise. I love how quiet the full exhaust makes it, definitely has a nice tone. Now get busy, I want to go for...
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    Twin Turbo Buick GS Project

    "Slacker" ;)
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    Weld alumastar 17x4.5 fronts

    No issues with them on the street. The GN doesn't see a bunch of street driving and I avoid hitting potholes.
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    Weld alumastar 17x4.5 fronts

    These are Weld Alumastar's, 15 x 3.5 with 2.25" backspace. I'm using Wilwood brakes, no clearance problems...
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    295/55 MT with 2" DSE drop Springs "PICS"

    Looks great... What width and backspace on the rear wheels ?
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    Cars & Coffee Pictures

    No problem with using anything I've done to my car...:D The Tial BOV has worked nice on my set-up, quick response...
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    Cars & Coffee Pictures

    Columbus at the Lennox Town Center...
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    Twin Turbo Buick GS Project

    Looking good Will...
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    Cars & Coffee Pictures

    Thought I would post some pictures of my Grand National from a couple Cars & Coffee Cruise Inns from last season. I finally got around to organizing and uploading some pictures from last year. The Cruise Inns are held on Saturday mornings and draw a wide variety of all makes and types of modded...
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    Twin Turbo Buick GS Project

    Glad you posted updated pics Will...:D
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    Best rear shocks for street/ strip?

    The price is for the pair... I've had these on several of my cars, definitely nice parts.
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    Best rear shocks for street/ strip?
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    MT sportsman S/R question

    Carl, MT S/R's are a great looking tires, they have a nice ride also. As far as traction, not even close to MT Drag Radials. I have a pair of 29x18's on the rear of my GN. They go up in smoke when the boost comes in. I figured with alot wider tire, they would hook pretty good on the street. I...
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    My TSM build thread

    WOW...That thing is light. What lightweight body parts do you have ?
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    Help me decide on my wheels and tires!!

    Same here, I'm running a 4" wide Weld Alumastar on the front. Skinny look with a little more beef...
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    Need Help With Slicks

    I would do a 4" backspace with the 8" rim, should tuck in nice. I'd go for the 28x10's, I've had good luck Mickey Thompson's. I would go with screws back and front of rim, I've never ran tubes with any of my cars.