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    Downpipe Materials/ Stainless

    Decided to go a different route and will be taking a hit on all my materials. You get everything you see in the pictures minus the turbo housing and wastegate. I have $545 in the materials alone, only thing not listed on the invoice is the t4 flange and the other small 45. Will let go for $350...
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    WTB V-Band 4 bolt stuff

    PARTS WANTED: Probably a long shot but lets see what people have. -3.5" V-band Downpipe -60mm Tial or 66mm Precision Wastegate -Precision 4 bolt Vbanded exhaust housing .85 A/R
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    WTB Clean Hood Ornament

    Title says it all.. Lost the hood ornament for my 87' Turbo T Limited....shipped to 53186.
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    2014 Gn/Ttype Central Gathering Video!

    What a turn out!! It was heaven being surrounded by 140+ modified Turbo Buicks! I think I saw one or two stockers :P Big thanks to everyone who attended!
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    Te44 Needed

    Looking for a nice Te44 for $500. What do you all have. thanks much!
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    What Color for my 87' Limited? Help decide!

    The time has come. All I need is to put in my new trans and prep/paint the car. After this week at my buddies shop it has been narrowed down to two colors. Both I am taking a liking to. What do you guys think. If I had photoshop I would play around with my pic and the colors. Can't find my disk...
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    VDO Vac/Boost gauge

    $25, you pay shipping. Inbox me. Thanks :)
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    NIB QA1 single Adjustable Fronts

    Never installed QA1's. 300# springs. $380. Part # 806990000866
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    Gn street race clip

    Start at 6:00. Nice little clip...Sounds healthy after that boost kicks in :)
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    Bangin gears!! Fast Fox

    Looks like a really fun car to drive.
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    66 Nova Wagon flyby

    Went and picked up some ribs at a delicious place down the road and had to get home quick to eat them!;) They loved the car so I figured I would get on it a little for them. The second I started making a little boost at 3/4 throttle I just backed off,shifted, and rolled back into it. The car...
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    Steering Column assembly diagram?

    Bout 5 years ago my steering wheel got a tad loose so I decided to replace the bearing. Took it all apart and didnt get the bearing to put it back together til today. Needless to say I don't recall what all goes where and which way.;) Anyone have a nice little diagram of all the little bits and...
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    WTB Steering column bearing

    Title says it all. Anyone have one laying around?
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    Up and running on ProEFI! Vids

    Got my car back from Sound Performance for the ProEFI install. I am happy to say the least. Nothing leaks and she sounds great to me. I was quite surprised since I put it together :p The car starts up great cold, good oil pressure, stays under 150, just have to wire up the fuel pump...
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    GNS Performance glove box bracket & line lock bracket

    Didnt work with my application. Selling both.You pay shipping - $55 - $25
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    1st start in 5 years!!!

    The time has with most projects once you start.. things in life tend to make work stop. My father owned a shop 5 years ago and everyone there convinced me after a blowout on a < 300 mile MT ETstreet that I should paint my car, the blowout did a number on my rear quarters paint. So I...
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    Alradco Fan Kit Review

    So I must say out of all the things I mocked up for a fan kit I'm happy I simply saved up the coin for the Alradco kit that Red C5 posts on the boards from time to time. I tried a few kits I had laying around from previous cars and just wasnt happy with how they ended up looking. I have an RJC...
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    NEEDED! Asap Back half of ATR 3" Single shot

    Sorry for posting in general but not many browse the parts wanted. I can't find the back portion of the ATR single shot I have. Anyone have one laying around that simply is collecting dust they are willing to part with? This exhaust just hangs without it and I'm in a time crunch for the dyno...
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    Switching to Vac brakes

    I thought the hard part was over getting the initial bolt off until I ran into this press on lock w/e the hell it is. My arms are tired from being crammed in here and I'm about to shoot this thing off with a .45 hollow point. Lol but honestly I've never seen this on's holding down a...
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    1987 Turbo T Limited $9000

    Posting this up again since summer is coming up and this car is just too nice to still be here. Nothing but tire kicking lowballers as usual during the winter months. Let me open by saying I'm not interested if you can get one for $7,500. I have owned many a 7K Buick....have fun with that rusty...