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    Trunk lid and jeader panel

    Got a friend looking for a trunk lid (no spoiler) but would aceept one with the holes. Additionally looking for a header panel. Location... Columbia, SC George
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    wife left have to hire attorney forces sale.

    I have been trying to get together a low 10 second setup for a hot-air. I need to sell everything to pay for an attorney. the package consist of BWR custom built ss headers crossover up pipe and a precision wastegate, a billet 6262 turbo (yes it is set up for hot air) champion gn1 heads, 212...
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    2 pumps ???

    Hot Air running a pre turbo and a post turbo nozzle, with ISAC controller. The ISAC gives me the ability to control two pumps. Should I install a second pump in order to have more pressure on the pre turbo nozzle, and to have more control over the two nozzles.
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    Coming together

    ok fella's, I about have the motor and trans ready to install. Can the engine and trans be installed togeter with the turbo attached?
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    Just been searching through threads, and I have come to the concluson that the hot air cars are seeing more vendor support because the vendors have everything availaable for the intercooled cars, I mean how many 3-1/2" downpipes are available for intercooled cars, front mounts, SLIC, coldair...
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    Throttle body adapter

    Meeting with the fab guy tomorrow, making a adapter to mount the throttle body to the turbo, any advantage to the adapter being 2" or 3" long? May be looking at a small alky nozzle in this adapter also.
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    Oil Cooler

    My 84 GN does not have an oil cooler. Can the adapter from an 87 work on the 84 cover? I would like to add an oil cooler as the new radiator I ordered has the provision for the trans and oil cooler built in. Additionally, Can i cut out part of the heat sheild on the passenger side to clear my...
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    Need a Posi

    Well I am going to need to up-grade my rear end from a peg leg. Car is a 99% street car with a few 1/8 mile passes, when I say a street car I mean it sees a couple hundred miles a year. thinking of 3.73 gears and an Eaton Posi. Do you think I should replace the axles, how about c-clip...
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    Ported Hot Air intake

    Let me know what you may have laying around. Looking for a modified ported hot air intake. perfer ported to GN1 heads. I have a standard intake that I will be sending out to get ported if There is not one available. thanks George 803.351.0041
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    Need a hot air intake

    Just wanted to check here first, looking for a good hot air intake to port. send me a pm or call George 803.351.0041
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    Engine Modifications - Hot Air

    Good afternoon all. I am ready to begin work on my engine, BWR is going to build the up-pipe,downpipe, and a set of headers. will probably use their new alky kit also. I have champion aluminum gn-1 heads, and a intake that will be cut open to be ported, Jay is looking into a 60 series turbo in a...
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    Hot air turbo's

    Good morning, OK With all the new Billet wheel, Ball Bearing, f1 wheel design, etc. what is new for our hot air's in the way of turbo's. Looking for information on a bigger possibly ball bearing turbo to get this thing mooving.
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    Intercooler - Intake - Turbo for sale

    OK I have changed my whole direction on my build and have some parts for sale. 1) PTE SLIC - Brand new never opened - 700.00 2) Seimens 83 lb injectors - New never used. 300.00 3) CPT-70 Turbonetics, w/ bb option, 0.85 jet hot coated housing, and hd actuator - 1000.00 New never used. 4)...
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    Stage II

    There is a stage II block with Billet crank on ebay, seems like a great deal. Anyone know anything about it. Thanks
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    Build Time

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to all, looking at your builds, how do you find the time. I started mine a year ago and am still in fab mode:) :confused: I hope you just put your post together toward the end of the build to show us your great projects. I look forward to the day that I can set a completion date...
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    Aluminum Heads

    Looking into new heads, Champion or TA performance? :D
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    Heads choice

    OK, looking at new aluminum heads. Champion or TA Performance?
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    Water Or Air

    What To Use, Water To Air Or Air To Air Intercoolers? Pro's-con's Of Each. I Am Not Worried About The Fab As Everything On This Project Is.
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    Engine location

    Good morning all, I am working on a project instlling a tr engine in a Fatman Fab front clip for a second gen Camaro. After setting the engine into the frame and locating the transmission i have noticed that the cl of the crankstaft is a little over an inch off center while the transsmission is...
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    I need help finding a set of engine mounts (the one that bolt to the subframe) for bolting an lc2 to a Camaro (1971) clip, ok, before you say that is easy let me inform that it is a Fatman Fab front clip with rack & pinion and coil overs. I believe I am going to have to fabricate a set but just...