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    TurboDave has Passed Away

    Long time board member David 'TurboDave' Huinker is presently in intensive care after two brain surgeries on Thursday. The first surgery attempted to remove a mass the size of a small tangerine. Most of the mass was removed, however they couldn't get all of it due to close proximity to an artery...
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    Terminal Strip alternatives?

    I've got a question about wiring component options that will allow the +5v reference supply voltage to be used for multiple sensors, TPS, MAP, Pressure Transducers, etc. For each of the sensors there are three leads, +5V, Ground, and Signal. Are there connectors available that are better...
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    RED LS1 - Excellent Seller in my book

    I bought a set of stock valve covers from RED LS1 that were listed in the FS section. The parts arrived in a timely manner (fast shipping), they were packaged and labeled well, and they were exactly as advertised. I would definitely buy from RED LS1 again. -john
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    August edition of Collectible Automobile magazine has article on GN and GNX

    I posted a thread in THE LOUNGE about this magazine article, but thought I would also mention it in this forum as it does have quite a bit of interesting GNX info. here is a link to the thread in the lounge...
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    12 page article on the GN and GNX, on news stands now - August edition of Collectible Automobile

    The August edition of Collectible Automobile magazine is on news stands now and has a 12 page article on the GN and GNX. The article is well written and describes in detail who were the major players during the development stages of the projects. It's nice to see twelve pages dedicated...
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    GARYK1970 - A stand up guy as exhibited at the Nats

    Anyone in need of electrical help should consider the following:
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    Battery Voltage Problem Solved by GARYK1970

    Big props for GARYK1970 - he is an expert in his field! I have been unsuccessfully chasing a noisy battery voltage signal since I bought my car which has been years ago. The problem was a bit more complicated than most due to the fact that it was on an RX-7 with GN drivetrain where little is...
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    Pictures of recent engine re-build with powdercoating

    Here are a few pictures of Michelle's engine. All of the powdercoating was done by Ronnie Martin (rmar). I'm pleased with the way the powdercoating turned out. Enjoy.
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    Illumination / Dimmer wire question

    I am wiring up a kenwood and have a wiring question. It appears that the kenwood only has only one wire for both illumination AND dimmer, whereas the Buick wiring has two separate wires. The radio connector has an orange and white wire with a tag that reads 'Illumi' on it. Kenwood's...
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    Oil Flingers or Crank Spacers

    Looking for two oil flingers will pay $20 via paypal for both shipped to 28715. or if you happen to have crankshaft spacers per GM part number 25523377, I'd be interested in those too.
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    No clearance between front cover and crank trigger wheel

    How much clearance should there be between the front face of the front cover and the trigger wheel? The engine pictured is being assembled and has zero clearance, as can be seen by the scratch on the front cover. The engine is a 109 block, stock front cover, cometic front cover gasket, stock...
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    Crankshaft, Stock / Cast Iron

    Looking for a stock replacement crank.
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    WTB Turbo Crankshaft

    I'm looking for a cast iron stock turbo crankshaft. Anyone around western North Carolina have one?
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    Three GNXs will be auctioned off on the same day @ Barrett Jackson Scottsdale

    According to BJ's website, three GNX's will go across the block in Scottsdale on Friday 1/22/10 Lot # 980 - GNX # 078 ~ 4,700 Miles Lot # 987.1 - GNX # 452 ~ 7,000 Miles Lot # 1036 - GNX # 275 ~ 1,200 Miles This is the first time that I've ever heard of three being auctioned off on the...
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    GNX in Muscle Car Museum

    After wrapping up on the eight plus year frame off restoration, yeah I'm slow, the GNX now sits where others can enjoy it. Here's a link to the main thread:
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    GNX in Muscle Car Museum

    I decided to place the GNX into the Muscle Car Museum in Sevierville, TN for others to enjoy. Here's a link to the museum: Floyd Garrett Muscle Car Museum | muscle cars | gatlinburg muscle cars | pigeon forge muscle cars | sevierville muscle cars | car | gatlinburg car | pigeon forge car |...
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    Ground strap and ground bolts

    I'm looking for the two stock bolts that are located behind the passenger side head that attach the ground eyelets to the cylinder head. These two bolts have 9.8 and a symbol stamped on the head and are silver in color. I don't think they are plated and probably are that way to provide a good...
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    Underhood Light

    I'm looking for an underhood light. I really just need the mercury switch portion of it but am willing to buy the whole assembly. Thanks, -john
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    Mazda RX-7, 2nd Gen, LC2 conversion Sway Bar

    Anyone here (Grumpy perhaps) familiar with the 2nd gen RX-7 swaps similar to MisRed? My question is, can a front sway bar be installed? I see that a non-modified sway bar runs in the same area as the crank pulley. Thanks in advance, -john
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    Where to get the "Ceramatel" coating on GNX heatshield / up-pipe.

    I've read that the coating that was used on the GNX heat shield and up-pipe is "Ceramatel". I am interested in having my pieces re-coated and was wondering if anyone knew where I could get the same coating? Can this also be used on headers and downpipe? A similar post was placed in the GNX...