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    OEM concert speakers

    for sale set of 4 original OEM concert sound speakers $80 for the set shipped to the lower 48.
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    1987 GN T-top 28K original miles

    1987 GN, T-tops, 28K original miles, AC blows cold, walbro pump, w hot wire kit, 50lb injectors, full throttle chip, MAF translator plus , LT1 MAF, AFP regulator, TE 54 turbo, RJC boost controller, Terry Houston DP, ATR 2.5 inch exhaust, precision front mount intercooler, with scanmaster. Stock...
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    Which Turbo?

    I just bought an alky kit. I bought a GN last year that has a TE 54 on it. I also have a modified TA49 it has a 58mm compressor wheel and the wastegate hole has been ported for better low-boost control. Which one would I be better off with for street driving w/ the combo in my sig? Would I see...
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    What front tire are you running if you have 275/50 15 DR's?

    This is a double post I did not get many responses in the wheel and tire section. I have nitto 275/50 15's w/ stock suspension front and rear. What tires are people running up front I want to keep it fairly wide don't want skinnes. I am thinking a 225 50 might be the right choice.225/50R15=...
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    what is a good front tire to compliment nitto drag radials

    275/50 15's on the rear. I am not going for the fat and skinny look... I want a wide front. Currently has 235 60 r15's thinking of sticking w/ that size but if someone has suggestions I will go w/ a different size. what brand and model would be good for the fronts? At this point i wish I did...
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    Who is the best vendor to buy a cam sensor from?

    Who is the best vendor to buy a cam sensor from?
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    What should my fuel pressure be?

    Based on my combo in the sig what should I set my FP at?
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    Car is sputtering any suggestions would b great

    I think its not getting steady fuel, has a new fuel filter and fresh gas any suggestions would b great. Bad injectors, pump, dirty lines? Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    3" High Flow Cat

    3" High Flow Cat not sure what brand it is, it came with the car I just bought. $100 located in MA
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    How much for a rear main seal job?

    For those of you that have had rear main seal replaced recently how much did it cost you? Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    Got a new to me GN!!!!

    Sold my old baby and got a new flame. T top car 27K miles!!! mods in the sig. Can't wait for spring!
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    Info on Te 54?

    Whats the TE 54 all about i cant find anything on it? Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    Steering wheel gray

    Steering wheel gray leather have new horn ring Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    Bracing for a T top car

    Aside from the normal back seat brace, under hood brace, has anyone done anything worth reporting to stiffen up a T top car?
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    275/50R15 Nittos Rub or No Rub on stock suspension

    I read one person is running these with stock suspension no bags, etc. I was just wondering if anyone else is running them and if you have or have not had any rubbing, thanks.
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    ARP stud part# for rwd blazer/ s10 swap?

    Scored a full setup off CL for $100. Need to replace the studs, rebuild calipers and replace pads and rotors. Anybody have the arp part# for studs and suggestions on rotors and pads? Was going to do the C5 swap but ill use this setup for now Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    Looking for SMC alky canister

    My buddy just bought a GN it has SMC alky but the canister pump isnt working can it be rebuilt or can they be found usdd? Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    any value in a complete stock exhaust from DP to tailpipes?

    any value for restoration projects in a complete stock exhaust from DP to tailpipes?
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    Front and Rear GN seat cores on CL in New England If anyone is looking for some
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    ANOTHER biggest tire question, whats the biggest on a stock rim lowered?

    Ok so I have used the SEARCH bar looked through the wheel and tire threads but I still would like to ask members what combos they have run using a stock 7" rim on the rear w/ 1" lower springs whats the largest tire. I see some people have no issues w/ 275/60 while others do. Just to make things...