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  1. larrym

    after market scat rods

    before the forum crashed I was looking to trade these for high impedance 80s and an E85 chip or just an SD2 chip.
  2. larrym

    VSS and tuning

    so I have a Vega hybrid and was looking to find a solution to no VSS signal I came up with a Sky Drive GPS it just arrived today I called and they set it to 2000 ppm so it was already calibrated after that it was an easy to install and seems to work well drops out...
  3. larrym

    TR6 with LS coils

    I keep melting LS coils, any idea why they over heat and split. This is a Vega hybrid never had an issue with this set up in my Ttype worked flawlessly.
  4. larrym

    Map Sensor and power logger hybrid

    I have a 71 Vega with GN running gear stock computer and wiring harness, the vega wiring runs lights and the starter I have an auxilary fuse panel for the engine managment, alky kit, wideband and fuel system. The C100 bulkhead connector has been eliminated along with that wiring. So I wired...
  5. larrym

    Wiring help

    Putting together a Vega Hybrid was trying to flash it up and ran into a no spark. I have a TR6 module with LS coils worked great in my old car. It lights up and the cam sync light flashes when it’s rolled over and while I was setting the cam sensor. I double checked the power to the module both...
  6. larrym

    My new project

    Ok gents there will be many questions My Ttype is a little rough but has served me well going to put the running gear into this where do I start when it comes to the computer cobble together the stocker or should I consider an after market engine management budget is always a concern here is...
  7. larrym

    Gen ll translator

    So I have a Gen 2 translator fresh back from Bob for connector upgrade, extender G chip for 60s, MAF wiring for card MAF (Z06) and a cable for data logging with tuner pro $250.00 shipped OBO for all of it. I'm planning a SD 2 upgrade
  8. larrym

    Thunder in the Valley

    So we typically have a 1/4 race every year at our local Airport, there is a runway expansion in progress so the drag racing association and the city decided to let us run on the streets! it was only an 1/8 mile but what a blast myself and 2 other TRs attended and I would do it again in a heart...
  9. larrym

    PL and WB readings

    OK I recently hooked up a powerlogger, at idle and cruise the power logger and the AEM gauge are pretty much bang on. WOT is a different story the gauge reads 10.8-11.0 and the PL is 10.2 my narrow band is .720-.760 which seems to agree with the wide band.
  10. larrym

    IAC question

    So what other information other than rpm does the computer use to calculate IAC counts?
  11. larrym

    Leaky exhaust valve

    So I was struggling with what I thought was a severe vacuum leak low 02 and bad idle vacuum gauge was at 12. Pulled the motor and put it on a stand to get to the bottom of it. I had done a compression test and all were at 150 except #5 it was 135. I pulled the rockers and pressure tested the...
  12. larrym


    So had the car out testing the new seats got on it a bit when I was cruising back home noticed it was really lean and stumbling coming to a stop symptoms of a large vacuum leak drove home popped the hood and grabbed my stethoscope nothing obvious hmmm did a smoke test still nothing swapped the...
  13. larrym

    This going to be fun! No 1/4 at the airport but the 1/8 on city streets. Street Outlaws Port Alberni !
  14. larrym

    Manual boost controllers and external gates

    Mine is plumbed like figure 3 what are the advantages and or disadvantages over figure 2?
  15. larrym

    Boost/rpm fluctuation

    I run a turbonetics evolution waste gate I have been tuning the car and have got it running really well I'm on a quest for a 10 sec tip slip My car spools quick, when I check my logs the boost fluctuates 1/2 psi and rpm about 65 in 3rd gear. I found 2 exhaust leaks at the waste gate and...
  16. larrym

    Logging and poor mans edash

    So I log what I can on TunerPro thru my gen ll translator. I wanted to log passes at the track and didn't want a laptop stand. I picked up an Acer Iconia W3-810 8" tablet that runs windows 8 fits in the dash perfect. I configured a little Edash with boost afr and rpm. Genll does not read knock...
  17. larrym


    Ok let's just say I had a beat up Ttype and was considering a TTA clone of sorts. I don't need AC can I use my GN heads? New K member and torque arm for my 200 new fuel lines and tank for EFI is this pipe dream and a money pit?
  18. larrym

    Gen ll question

    So I been playing with TunerPro logging and messing around trying to tune out some transitional knock. When I look at the parameters that can be displayed on TunerPro there is one that is tagged Main tune set at -67 what is this referencing? The User tune I have dialed in to add 27 on the main...
  19. larrym

    Body mount repair

    So are these channels available or am I fabricating a new one? It's the one right in front of the DS rear tire.
  20. larrym

    Chassis flex

    Figured I would share this, I have a frame and she'll I'm fixing up mine is beyond repair.... I wanted to stiffen it up and add some bracing plus weld up the factory seams. I had it siting on jack stands when I pressed down on one corner one side of the frame would lift 8 to 10" before the other...