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    pic of car with 100% D.C

    Tank is Sumped 8 FEED 6 RETURN the reason for 200 amp is once I put fuel lab pump on low voltage light would come on under boost now that doesnt happen
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    HELP!! with injectors 100%D.C

    I had 95lb inj. my FAST was saying inj. D.C LIMIT, So I went to 120lbs same issue So I just installed 160 and this damn thing is still POPPING in top of 2nd to 3rd with my FOOT all the way dwn I glance at computer and see D.C limit at 100 Percent!! this cant be tru can sum1 plz explain and...
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    parts for sale

    1. Weld Wheels With 275 50 15 drags on back 215 65 15 on front rears have 4.5 back spacing I have all center caps & lugs 450.00 plus shipping. 2. I have MSD Coil pack interface I have 2 of these with Instructions 150.00 SHIPPED... EACH 3. 1 working coil pack and module with pack interface card...
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    W.T.B 160 Injectors..

    jus like it states looking for a good deal on sum 160 injectors I have 120's now but im MAXX'D out!
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    Epsilon 3 piece (GNX) Wheels and Tires

    These Wheels Maybe have 500 Miles on them Since getting total redone by TRUE DESIGN WHEELS here in Denver... these rims are 9.5 out of 10 and thats if your REAL PICKY!!! Tires are M.T Drag radials and I only have 2 Center caps Looking to get 1300.00 with Tires & 1000.00 W/O Tires+Shipping...
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    gn wheel trim

    Putting wheel flares on my car so selling wheel trim 120.00 plus shipping 3 are perfect the left rear has a small ding easy fix...
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    W.T.B Kenne Bell Air Dam

    looking for nice front kenne bell air dam...plz let me know car gets painted soon
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    MAF Translator II

    MAF Translator II for sale was programmed for 60lbs injectors $200.00 SHIPPED ....
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    95lbs injectors

    Presion 95lb injectors less then 1k Hartline can verify that... 300.00 shipped
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    Big question big

    OK Every1 is on a panic about E-85 eating up things whichs it does do!!! BUT I dont get why the panic over Anodizing there aluminum rails?? just me personal I have aluminum fuel rail,Heads,Pistons,Manifold etc. so what does E-85 do to that???:confused: My FlexFuel Silverado has all the same...
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    is this RIGHT???

    spec's of my car are on signature....My quest for more power and i think im stuck on injectors I went from 60 to 95lbs injectors I get on the GAS HARD & engine light comes on so I pull out my Laptop F.A.S.T says 100 D.C LIMIT so I pull those 95lbs buy 120 go out and play again!! and kiss my A**...
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    Atr ss exhaust

    changed my exhaust so selling my ATR SS SYSTEM... I want to sell complete which includes 3" DP w/02 Bug welded in, also has been jetcoat 2000 (200.00)ext wastegate everything works, ONE 3" cat. (used once for the test then taken off)1 Hollow 3" cat.(for racing or the street) and ATR'S...
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    1.Hard starts on E85 2. E3 plugs

    1st issue... Hard starts on E-85 is it just me??? I start my car once a week and go PLAY;) but since i've switched to Corn it will take me forever to start her up im talking 30-45 min killing the batt. and on the car charger, but once she started its all good, am I outta TUNE or is this the 2nd...
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    3.5 or 4. DWN PIPE

    W.T.B 3.5 or 4in downpipe with external wastegate
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    Every price includes shipping so no need to ask if u use pay pal add 3%:o 1. Full Alky Control kit with extra pump W/ Instructions.. 275.00 2. Snap on Hutch Standard size 100.00 3.Precsion 95lb injectors 4 months old from Hartline I went to 120lb he can verify 300.00 4. Aeromotive...
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    sum good stuff sum not......everything O.B.O

    1. Gen2 translator w/ chip 60lbs 275.00 2. stock alternater works great I went to 200 amp. 50.00 3. 2 Bosch pumps lined together 200.00 obo 4. 20 RJC deep oil pan w/ gasket 150.00 5. stock T.B and fuel rails 20.00 6. stock rockers 20.00 7. intercooler fan for rjc 25.00 8. aeromotive fuel...
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    does meth injection still make power with E-85

    I'm wondering i have 160lbs does my alky control still have the same effect on E-85 as it does on gas?:confused:
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    W.t.b 3.5" dp

    looking to buy or trade for a 3.5" D.P
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    Anti-Theft on GEN2 HELP!!

    I Just put my new motor in I have a translator GEN2 does any1 know how to take the anti theft off I forgot pump gas 5 times then shift to N or sumthing like that can sum1 help me out PLZ!!!
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    WTB 99-03 Buick Regal gsx

    Looking for a 99-03 Buick GSX!!