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  1. mikes86ttop

    Some extras...

    Hey guy's, I have some extra stuff someone must need... all parts include shipping... Mike Stock coil pack/module/msd wires $115 Chrome uppipe nice, few marks underneath unseen once installed $45 Coolant reservoir pretty clean $40 Stock inlet bell $25 3 60lb TT chip's, one alky $65 all...
  2. mikes86ttop

    What's the deal?

    Holy crap? What the hell is happening? I'm here, not too sure if anyone else is? But I'm logged into my old account that I got locked out of a while ago... ?!? Mike from RI...
  3. mikes86ttop

    Forward 10k lift

    Hey guys looking for opinions on forward lifts, I can get one used for $1500 installed... The same one pictured, With warranty and support...Thanks Mike
  4. mikes86ttop


    No Bullshit with this guy!!! Parts received I think before he got the PayPal!!! Packaged well, shipped fast, and as described... Thanks again... Mike
  5. mikes86ttop

    Walbro gss340

    Hey guys I've got a new walbro pump, I bought it from a local speed shop last week. I jumped the gun thinking my dw300 shit the bed, but it was something silly I had overlooked.. Anyways $75 shipped.... Pm if interested Thanks Mike
  6. mikes86ttop

    Fuel pump needed RI MA CT asap!!!

    Hey guys in need of a new pump, went to get the GN out of storage last night and of course nothing can ever go right... No fuel pressure, checked out the basics quickly as it was getting late. I needed to have the car out yesterday. Anybody know of any part stores or someone that would have...
  7. mikes86ttop

    PLX wideband

    I have a plx wideband setup, that I bought used last year from a member here... Comes with a Fast o2 bung, a used o2 and new bosch o2 as well... as pictured...$130 shipped... PM me...thanks Mike
  8. mikes86ttop

    PLX wideband

    I have a plx wideband setup, that I bought used last year from a member here... Comes with a Fast o2 bung, a used o2 and new bosch o2 as well... as pictured...$130 shipped... PM me...thanks Mike
  9. mikes86ttop

    Which fuel pump in-tank bulk head harness?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for the bulk head wiring harness. And all wiring in tank. Racetronix lists the one I think I need but says discontinued? I tried to get in touch with them but haven't heard anything back. Are there any other's available?... Thanks Mike
  10. mikes86ttop

    DW300 pump failures?

    Hey guys I got a dw300 pump from Nick at the end of April 2016 and installed then. Maybe 1k miles. Since getting it out of storage this April I've had a few random no start issues. (never had the laptop with me until today). So today I went for a ride and everything was spot on from the get...
  11. mikes86ttop

    Metal/prefab garage kits...

    I'm in the process of buying my first house,... closing next week. And No, it does not have a garage ...but I did get to keep the GN!!!... With that said, I've been looking at steel garage kits. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with building/buying one of these? Obviously I...
  12. mikes86ttop

    Bunch of odds and ends...

    Hey guys I'm in the process of cleaning up, here is some stuff that's been hanging around, everything is plus shipping. I have PayPal, post here first then PM me thanks Mike... Rjc boost controller new $30 Rjc pcv valve practically new $20 Both intercooler brackets $25ea. Pos&neg battery...
  13. mikes86ttop

    Excessive amount of ads?

    Anyone have an excessive ad problem the past couple days? I mean, every reply there's an ad? Holy Sh!t!!! Here's a shot of how big the ads I said there's a effing ad every reply. Anyone know how to get rid of them? Thanks Mike
  14. mikes86ttop

    Putnam, Ct. Car show...

    It's a good show, with a bunch of cars and quite a few good spots to eat... Usually a good day...Mike
  15. mikes86ttop

    the wrath= good buyer!!!

    Good communication, fast payment...thanks Derrick... Mike
  16. mikes86ttop


    Good buyer here!!! Fast communication, good guy... Thanks again, Brent... Mike
  17. mikes86ttop


    Thumbs up to a good seller. Fast shipping, good communication..thanks again...Mike
  18. mikes86ttop

    Wrath...good buyer!!!

    Ryan is a good buyer, prompt payment and good communication...thanks again Ryan, enjoy...Mike
  19. mikes86ttop

    Razors Alky kit (sold)- TT alky chip still available

    I bought this kit new from a member here last year. It's the complete kit, new never installed, without the 3bar map sensor. After months of back and forth with myself I've decided to keep the car a stockish cruiser...SOLD!!! And I have a TT alky chip burnt for a stockish setup with 60's...
  20. mikes86ttop

    Kirbans Performance...

    A+++ As usual, thumbs up to Dennis Kirban and his crew. Fast shipping and packaged well...thanks again...Mike