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    Black bucket seats with matching rear and upper door panels

    I have some black bucket seats with matching rear and upper door panels. These were recovered at one point and they are in pretty good shape. $1000 for it all, I’d rather not ship, but if I do, buyer is paying for it.
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    2 post Rotary Lift for sale

    Here’s a 10000 lbs Rotary Lift for sale, not your homeowner wannabe lift that’s sketchy to work under. For sale locally in So Cal $2000
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    1985 WH1 w/ astroroof body, frame & deck lid w/ RPO

    Selling a clean title 1985 WH1 Body with astroroof, doors, deck lid with RPO sticker and matching # frame. This is 1 of 525 made in 1985 This is a California cancer free car and would be a good donor for someone that has a clone, salvage title or a rust bucket. $1200 obo I will not cut...
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    Parting out 1985 WH1 w/ astroroof

    Parting out 1985 WH1 project Parts that are sold so far Header panel Rear spoiler Center console w/ shifter PM me for questions and prices
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    Turbo cranks, TRW .030 over pistons w/ ATR rods

    Used TRW .030 over pistons with old school ATR H-beam Rods $450 I do have a .010 under crank if you want the rotating assembly for those piston and rods for $150 more I also have other turbo cranks if you’re interested. 2- STD/STD cranks $250 1- .010 under cranks $150 1- .020 under cranks $100
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    1985 WH1 w/ astroroof 1 of 525 project

    1985 WH1 Astroroof California car I picked this up about 4 miles from my house yesterday. My intention to even go look at it was, “PARTS CAR” till I found that it’s a WH1 and an astroroof. I know if I part it out, I will average $6-7k but I’d rather see this go to someone that will bring it...
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    GNX ceramic turbine

    I have 5 NOS Garrett GNX ceramic turbines wheels that are balanced by Richard Lee. $1000 each
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    Stage II ATR headers / off center intake / turbo cam

    ATR Stage II headers $600 Stage II off center intake set up for 90mm or 70mm TB w/ fuel rails $600 Stage II headed turbo billet cam w/ timing chain set up, DLS grind from Chris Carins 4.1 build $250 Buy it all for $1200 or Prices are listed individual
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    Dash boards / core supports / bumpers / quarters / floors

    Looking to clear up some space, I will be listing parts as I get organized. This stuff has been stored for 5-15 years depending on what it is. This is just a small glimpse of what’s coming up for sale. Dash boards (many colors) w/ no cracks $250 each Rust free core supports $100 each Bumper...
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    Gray Limited half console

    Looking for a gray half console like this.
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    88/68 Turbonetics Turbo / 50lbs 83lbs & 160 lbs injectors

    I have a 88mm cold side and 68mm hot side with A/R .96 4 bolt Turbonetics journal bearing turbo for sale. Great for a stage II headed V6 or a V8 power plant. It’s in great condition with very little use. $1200 obo New Precision 50lb injectors $250 shipped New Siemens 83lb injectors $250...
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    Light weight aluminum parts

    Light weight parts for sale!!! Aluminum core support $300 12 lbs lighter on the nose Aluminum drums $125 pair 6 lbs lighter Aluminum inner bumpers $300 pair or $150 each 21 lbs lighter on nose 20 lbs lighter on rear Pictures won’t load for some reason, PM me if you’re interested
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    New TRW .030+ pistons, Stock location intercooler, Powermasters

    New TRW .030 over pistons with fresh resized rods (no rings) SOLD Spearco stock location intercooler with brackets and piping, also has inlet pipe for 2” or 2.5” turbo SOLD Powermasters and parts (one is working) $350 plus shipping
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    3.590 BMS std/std, 6.5”Carrillo rods, Tunnel ram BUICK MS top

    Here’s a few things that I’m looking to sell out of my Buick stash. BMS 3.590 std/std wide journal crank magged and ready to go $1600 Carrillo 6.5” wide journal rods (perfect shape) $700 Lee Perfomace, limited production (BUICK MOTORSPORTS) tunnel ram top cover $250 each
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    Rust free doors for sale

    I have a pair of rust free Limited doors that I'm looking to sell, they are full power that includes the glass and handles. They have a few dings from moving them around but over all very clean and solid. $325 each $600 for both Plus shipping, my zip is 92860 to get quotes.
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    Body parts for local guys

    Looking to clear some space and I'm offering big parts to the south western section first. Fenders Bumpers Doors Quarter panels Deck lids Floor boards Patch panels Complete factory astro roof. I will be at Spoolfools swap meet PM me if you're interested
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    Prototype supercharger for Buick Motors

    Selling for a friend. He did a lot of R & D for GM back in the 80's - 90's and he is looking to sell all his Buick related parts. This is just one of the things of many that caught my eye. This supercharger was developed for a 3.8L motor that made 420 horsepower. The vehicle that it was...
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    Two Virgin 153 blocks

    I am selling for a friend, this has been his prices for these blocks for the last 20 plus years that I can remember. He has two virgin 153 blocks that he wants $3500 each for He said that he has one of the first stage I motors also, I didn't see the power 6 logo or a casting number, but I...
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    N/A Stage II headers & B.O.P bellhousing

    Looking for N/A headers from ex Busch car or _____? B.O.P bellhousing for T10 or _____? PM me with details
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    Single 3" HIGH Dollar exhaust w/ cat & bullet muffler

    As the title reads! CUSTOM single 3" exhaust $125 Pick up only