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    Hoodliner Insulation vs Lizardskin- Underhood Ceramic Barrier Coating, Pics and Details Inside

    Hood Insulator or Heat Barrier Painted You like the look of an insolator pad or your painted underhood? You care enough about your underhood looks to spend double, $300 vs $600? Lizardskin coating is a better heat insulator, this might be worth it for us fiberglass hood guys or new paint...
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    T Top Restoration, New SS Panels, Weatherstripping and Pics, Video Of The Process.

    I'm gonna do this in real time with pictures and videos. This isn't for the faint of heart, this sounds like $5k to fix it, replace and paint like a show car and better than factory. Ever since I got this GN in 1997 it had issues at the car wash, little water down the a pillar. I did the...
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    87 Performance Engine Part Out, Ported Stock Heads & Intake, Roller Cam Johnson Lifters, Roller Rockers and More!!

    1987 Grand National Engine Part Out I don't sell or buy junk (at least not initially knowingly LOL), all parts have low miles. I'm in northwest Chicago IL, willing to meet up if needed on big stuff. Package deals all good, I'd like to help someone out if you've been screwed over and need a...
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    Stock Parts, Crankshaft, Rods, Pistons, Rear Suspension, Balancer and More

    Got my old engine back after disassembly and selling off all the items in two threads, here's the list of the stockish stuff, I can take more pics if needed. TA49 Turbo, needs rebuild as oil is starting to seep past bearing. New PTE .63 housing was $280, coated compressor. $250 Stock, boxed, w...
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    Body Shop Tech Section, Worth Creating On The Forum?

    After doing $10k of touch up stuff, realized there's not really a specific section for us all to talk about or give recommendations on body work. Considering we're all driving 35+ year old cars, these are getting and will require more body work moving forwards. Any thoughts on making a section...
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    Transmission Temps Are 150, Parts Inside To Help

    150 to 160 temps are now the norm. Pusher Fan runs all the time. Temps were 180-190 with a similar sized cooler and the fan on the liquid ic pulling on it through both cores. I believe the 2nd fan (pusher) being on all the time helped the most. PTC 9.5" 17 blade spragless was pretty rough...
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    Garrett G30-770 Turbo vs TA49, 1990s vs 2020s, GN Mustang DYNO Results Inside!!

    This post is long and has been a long road for me but here it is. Car sat after a disastrous 2010 that left me disheartened and broke after years of mods and bs with shops. I got the car back on the road in early 2019 (started off with bs with a mechanic and I changed my whole way after this...
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    Stock Speedometer Gear, Mph Reading in Ecu, Bigger Tires & Calculating Slippage?

    This just hit me, I'm trying to calculate slippage accurately but I've been using the stock speedometer gear mph reading in the ECUGN, but this can't be accurate on a 28" tire. I know it's off but I wasn't sure about the ECU side of things and feel real slow. LOL Stock tire 215/65/15 = 26"...
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    PTC 15 and 16 Blade Stator Owners, What's Your Slippage, Info?

    I've got a PTC 9.5 (maybe 2008) with the 17 blade stator but my combo hasn't evolved to where I thought it would, so I'm eventually gonna bail on this stator. My converter data 17 blade at 6k in 2nd is 10.5% slippage. 28", 1.57 gear, 3.42 rear, 84mph Not real pumped about the above, my 10" PTC...
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    GN Weighed On 4 Corner Machine After Decades Of Weight Loss Planning, Rear Driver Weighs 77lbs More Than Left??

    Question... Why the hell is the driver rear 77lbs heavier? Dyno'd and then got the GN finally weighed on a legit machine (I used to use those Waste Management scales). I was pretty happy after all the years of taking weight out and planning what we're options etc. (I used to have a detailed...
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    Help With This Antenna Cable That's Broken Near Fender

    Hey yall, quick help with a part and possible part number to fix it. Picture shows my issue, broken wire right at the connection to the barrel. Radio doesn't get stations, just plays Cds etc Looks like it's the cable from back off radio to the fender junction. Any tips, part number? Thanks
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    Video's Of Spoolfool Carbon Bumpers, Fillers, Glasstek Fiberglass Hood and Highway Stars Header Panel

    Parts are on my 1987 Grand National, videos are really basic but my paint does have a blue flip that all 4 parts do well. I don't see a forum for body work so I'll just throw it in here. I also don't ever make videos but rarely do I have 4 items that are done at once where I can give others...
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    T Top Rust Repair, Anyone Install Gbodyparts Stainless Kit, Header and Seals?

    Ouch, my t tops have really deteriorated since my weatherstripping install early 2000s. I'm in restore mode and this will complete the deal so.... Anyone install the Gbodyparts kit, looks nice?
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    GN Hoodliner Insulation 2022, Aftermarket or Custom?

    New Glasstek Fiberglass Hood going on now and it's clear the heat was a partial cause of my paint cracking on the old hood from 2006 (even though hot parts were always coated) Hoodliners, insulation, I'm not seeing much and ebay is showing factory stuff all over the road price wise. Is there...
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    Stock Rear Suspension, Boxed Upper and Lower Control Arms and Rear Sway Bar, Walbro 450 Pump

    Stock Boxed Lower Control Arms Have poly bushings and bolts = $100 Stock Boxed Upper Control Arms Have poly bushings and bolts = $100 Factory rear seat bar = $75 Real Walbro 450lph fuel pump, not Amazon or Ebay, less than 500 miles, went to 525lph after tank swap and 120lbs. $75 I'm in IL...
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    Those With Rear Coilovers, What Does Your GN Like Setting Wise and Drag Radial Tire Psi For Street Hooking?

    Hey guys, figured we'd create a starting point for us STREET cars with REAR coilovers and drag radials for best hooking and what did and didn't work. Coilover = Ridetech Outcome = Spinning at moderate launch Tire = 275/60/15 MTSS Tire Psi = 30psi Spring Rate = 150lb Shock Clicks = 0 out of 24...
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    Electric Vacuum Pumps For Crankcase Pressure, What's Out There Over 5"?

    I have enough vacuum draw data for electric vacuum pumps to assist brakes, but these pumps draw way too much vacuum for the crankcase and potential issues with piston rings. I'm finding very little info on real vacuum data Electric vacuum pump Draws vacuum in the range of 8 to 14" aka 4-7psi I...
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    Swapped TPS Sensor, Got Cel Code, Seeing 5V, What Fixed Yours?

    Chasing a tip in issue, swapped TPS and lost the ability to set the volts, got -00 on Scanmaster. ECUGN shows TPS Fault and for some reason Scanmaster says Code 5. ECU-IGN fuse is good, I'm getting 5V at the plug, I have alky but can't recall if that taps into the middle TPS data wire. What...
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    PTE TA49 Turbo + Terry Houston 3.5 Down Pipe DP + 3" Chrome Maf Pipe

    Just getting an early start on some parts off the last engine. More coming soon..... TA49 Turbo PTE Comes with actuator, DP and Exhaust flange studs. Oil just started creeping past the exhaust shaft seal right before I went to new setup this year. It has a new PTE .63 exhaust housing on it that...
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    Walker Cam Sensor Cap 235-1006, Anyone Run These?

    Well it looks like there's only 4 Brands selling caps/sensor bodies in 2022.... Caspers Walker Standard NTK Anyone run the Walker cap 235-1006, it sells for $65 on Rockauto and weird pricing from $45 to $450 online????? Even the photos are with an LED on the cap and without.